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File | Settings | Project Interpreter - icons general add for Windows and Linux
PyCharm | Preferences | Project Interpreter - + for macOS

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This dialog is a package manager that enables the following functions:

  • Viewing packages, available in the remote repositories

  • Installing selected packages locally.

  • Adding and removing repositories



Search field

Type here the search string. So doing, the list of packages shrinks to show the package names containing the entered string only.
  • find1: Click this button to use the search history.

  • icons actions clear: Click this button to clear the search field.


This area shows the list of packages residing in the accessible remote repositories. For each package you can view its name and repository. Additional information (description and versions) is displayed to the right.


For any selected package this field displays brief description, the latest version, author names, web site and email address.

Specify version

If this checkbox is selected, the specified version of a package will be downloaded and installed. If this checkbox is not selected, then the latest version will be installed.


Select this checkbox to enter the option of the pip install command.

One can explore the possible options by typing pip install - help in the command line.

Install package

Click this button to install the selected package.

Manage repositories

Click this button to open the Manage Repositories dialog box. By default, only the pypi repository is available. This repository cannot be deleted.
It is possible to add more repositories, and delete the selected ones.

Last modified: 21 November 2018

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