PyCharm 2020.3 Help

Testing frameworks

PyCharm enables usage of the following testing frameworks:

Framework Code completion Run/debug configuration Ability to create a test Navigation between tests and tests subjects Ability to run tests Code inspections
Python unittests Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Partially
Pytest Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Python nosetests Partially Yes Yes Yes Yes Partially
tox No Yes No No Yes Partially
TwistedTrial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
Python doctests N/A Yes No N/A Yes Yes

Available only in PyCharm Professional

BDD Testing Framework Yes Yes Yes (for step definitions) Yes (between steps and features) Yes Partially

Before you start working with the testing framework of your choice, make sure that the desired framework is installed on your machine. Refer to the framework documentation for the installation details.

Refer to the section Run tests for the detailed description of the common testing procedures.

Last modified: 01 November 2020