Qodana 2020.3 Help

Qodana as a service

If you need static analysis as a standalone cloud service, we recommend using TeamCity Cloud with the Qodana plugin. After creating your TeamCity Cloud instance, please contact us at qodana-support@jetbrains.com- we will add the plugin to it!

We've created a playground for you to see Qodana in action for popular projects. Although this code runs daily on millions of machines, you can still find a couple of things that could be done better. It doesn't necessarily mean the code is poorly composed – it means that the technologies evolve, the surroundings change, and we need to keep up.


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Contact us at qodana-support@jetbrains.com or via our issue tracker. We are eager to receive your feedback on the existing Qodana functionality and learn what other features you miss in it.

Last modified: 09 February 2021