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Qodana IntelliJ GitHub Action

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Tools created by JetBrains are capable of detecting dozens of error types and inconsistencies in your repository. Their flexible mechanisms of resolving problems simplify improving the code structure, conforming your code to numerous guidelines and standards, detecting performance issues, and so on.

With Qodana app and actions available on GitHub, all these features are just around the corner!

While the Qodana IntelliJ GitHub app supports only public repositories, for private repositories use the Qodana IntelliJ GitHub action as described in this section.

The Qodana IntelliJ GitHub action is a more general tool for easier continuous code inspection. Anyone with the write permission to a repository can set up a continuous code inspection with Qodana using GitHub actions.

How to start

Follow the guidelines for the Qodana IntelliJ GitHub action on GitHub Marketplace.

Last modified: 21 May 2021