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Qodana IntelliJ GitHub Action

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While the Qodana GitHub app supports only public repositories, for private repositories use the Qodana GitHub action.

The Qodana GitHub action is a more general tool for easier continuous code inspection. Anyone with the write permission to a repository can set up a continuous code inspection with Qodana using GitHub actions.

How to start

Example GitHub Workflow (.github/workflows/qodana.yml):

jobs: qodana: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: actions/checkout@v2 - uses: actions/cache@v2 with: path: ~/work/_temp/_github_home/cache key: ${{ runner.os }}-qodana-${{ github.ref }} restore-keys: | ${{ runner.os }}-qodana-${{ github.ref }} ${{ runner.os }}-qodana- - uses: docker://jetbrains/qodana-<linter> with: args: --cache-dir=/github/home/cache --results-dir=/github/workspace/qodana --save-report --report-dir=/github/workspace/qodana/report - uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2 with: path: qodana

Consider using a fail threshold to make the build fail when a certain number of problems is reached, and baseline mode, in which each new Qodana run is compared to some initial run selected as a "baseline". Running as non-root is also supported.

For detailed instructions, see the Qodana GitHub action on GitHub Marketplace.

Last modified: 14 October 2021