Qodana 2024.1 Help

Connect Qodana to your repository

A repository key is a public part of an SSH key pair generated by Qodana Cloud during the onboarding stage. When you create a new project in Qodana Cloud, the organization wizard requires an SSH or HTTPS URL to your repository. After you provide such URL, Qodana Cloud generates and returns a repository key in response. You need to store this key on a repository level of your version control system (VCS) as an SSH key, access key, or deploy key depending on a VCS.

A repository key provides Qodana Cloud with secure read-only access to your repository and lets Qodana count contributors, which is required by our license agreement.

This table provides links to the most popular VCS documentation pages explaining how you can save a repository key:

Link to VCS documentation



Bitbucket Cloud

Start from section Provide Bitbucket Cloud with your public key


Start from step 2, skip the SSH key generation step

GitLab CI/CD

Space Automation

Start from step 2, skip the SSH key generation step

Last modified: 19 July 2024