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Code Inspections in C++

In C++, ReSharper 2017.1 provides two kinds of code inspections: 183 inspections that detect errors such as broken syntax, unresolved symbols, compiler errors, etc. (you cannot configure or disable any of these inspections), and 118 proprietary code inspections, any of which you can disable or change its severity level.
These code inspections help you detect code issues in design time in all open files, and additionally they allow you to find code issues in specific scope.

Configurable C++ inspections are listed below, grouped in the following categories:

Common Practices and Code Improvements (13 inspections)

This category groups inspections that hunt for medium severity issues that mainly affect code readability.
InspectionDefault Severity
Compile-time constant expression can be replaced with either 'true' or 'false' Suggestion
Constructor of smart pointer used instead of its make function Suggestion
C-style cast used instead of a C++ cast Suggestion
Function returns by const value Suggestion
Member function may be 'const' Suggestion
Member function may be 'static' Suggestion
Non-explicit conversion operator Hint
Non-explicit converting constructor Hint
Order of member initializers does not match the initialization order Suggestion
Overriding function without 'override' specifier Suggestion
Result of a postfix operator is discarded Suggestion
Throw expression can be replaced with a rethrow expression Warning
Zero constant can be replaced with nullptr Suggestion

Compiler Warnings (9 inspections)

Inspections in this section detect compiler warnings before you compile.
InspectionDefault Severity
Default initialization of a const-qualified object of a type without a user-provided default constructor Warning
Explicit specialization in non-namespace scope Warning
Redeclaration of a template parameter from an outer scope Warning
Reference class member with 'mutable' specifier Warning
Static assertion failure Error
Unexpected syntax element Warning
Uninitialized dependent base class Warning
Union member of reference type Warning
Use of an incomplete type inside a template Warning

Potential Code Quality Issues (73 inspections)

This category includes inspections that detect critical issues (code smells), mostly with Error or Warning level. This category also includes inspections that ensure localization assistance.
InspectionDefault Severity
Adding cv-qualifiers to references has no effect Warning
Assigned value is never used Warning
Backslash and newline separated by space Warning
Bad format code for boost::format Warning
Binding r-value to l-value reference is non-standard Microsoft C++ extension Warning
Call to a virtual function inside a constructor/destructor will be statically resolved Warning
Call to a virtual function inside a constructor/destructor will result in a pure virtual function call Error
Casting from nullptr to pointer type with reinterpret_cast is non-standard Microsoft C++ extension Warning
Class member function hiding a non-virtual function from a base class Warning
Class needs a user-defined constructor because of an uninitialized data member Warning
Declaration does not declare anything Warning
Declaration of a non-overriding virtual function in a final or sealed class Warning
Declaration specifier with no declarators Warning
Declarator disambiguated as a function declaration Warning
Declarator is never used Warning
Declarator is only assigned but never accessed Warning
Declarator is reassigned in all paths before being read Warning
Declarator is used only in unevaluated context Warning
Default case is not handled in a switch statement Warning
Deleting a void pointer Warning
Dependent template without 'template' keyword Warning
Dependent type without 'typename' keyword Warning
Deprecated register storage class specifier Warning
Dereference operator limit is exceeded Warning
Entity is deprecated Warning
Expression which evaluates to zero is used as a null pointer constant Warning
Function is not implemented Warning
Hiding local declaration Warning
Implicit conversion to incompatible pointer type Warning
Implicit conversion to less qualified pointer type Warning
Implicit default constructor is not available Warning
Implicit integer to pointer conversion Warning
Implicit pointer to integer conversion Warning
Incrementing expression of type bool Warning
Invalid printf format specifier Warning
Keyword 'default' is used as identifier Warning
Legacy format code for boost::format Suggestion
Local variable is never used, but may have side-effects in its destructor Disabled
Local variable might not be initialized Warning
Local variable used without being initialized Error
Mismatched class tags Warning
Missing include guard Warning
Mixed serial and positional arguments for boost::format Error
More than one implicit conversion applied during copy-initialization. This is non-standard Microsoft C++ extension Warning
No return statement in a function returning non-void Warning
Non-consistent resource acquisition-reclaim pair Warning
Non-inline function definition in a header file Warning
Non-reclaimed resource acquisition Hint
Non-safe resource acquisition Hint
Non-virtual class member function hidden in a derived class Warning
Not all control paths return a value Warning
Not enough arguments in a call to boost::format Error
Not enough arguments in a call to printf Error
Parameter is always rewritten in function body before being read Warning
Parameter is never used Hint
Polymorphic class with non-virtual public destructor Warning
Possibly erroneous empty-statements Warning
Possibly erroneous expression-statements without side-effects Warning
Possibly erroneous incomplete switch-statement Warning
Possibly uninitialized class member Warning
Possibly unintended object slicing Warning
Possibly unused #include directive Warning
Private special member function is not implemented Warning
Probably invalid printf format specifier Warning
Slash symbol used in #include directive doesn't match code style settings Hint
Some object members might not be initialized Warning
Static data member in an anonymous class is not allowed by the C++ standard Warning
Syntax error in doxygen comment Warning
Taking an address of class r-value is non-standard Microsoft C++ extension Warning
Too many arguments in a call to boost::format Warning
Too many arguments in a call to printf Warning
Unresolved reference in doxygen comment Warning
Using the result of an assignment as a condition Warning

Redundancies in Code (23 inspections)

Code inspections in this category look for redundancies and dead code, which affect code readability and style, and could be safely removed. Some code redundancies cannot be fixed automatically, and quick-fixes for them are performed in the interactive mode, requiring the user input. But the majority of the redundancies can be fixed without user interaction, using either fix in scope or code cleanup.
InspectionDefault Severity
Access specifier does not affect any declaration Suggestion
Access specifier does not change accessibility level Hint
Declaration and assignment can be joined Suggestion
Guarded header has already been included Hint
Move operation without noexcept specification Warning
Qualifier is redundant Hint
Redundant argument in conditional expression Warning
Redundant base class access specifier Hint
Redundant control flow jump statement Hint
Redundant 'else' keyword Hint
Redundant 'else' keyword inside compound statement Hint
Redundant empty declaration Hint
Redundant empty statement Hint
Redundant 'inline' specifier Hint
Redundant parentheses Hint
Redundant 'static' specifier on a member allocation/deallocation function Hint
Redundant 'static' specifier on an anonymous namespace member Suggestion
Redundant 'template' keyword Warning
Redundant 'typename' keyword Warning
Redundant 'virtual' specifier on an override function Hint
Redundant void argument list Suggestion
Unreachable code Warning
Use 'auto' Hint
Last modified: 12 October 2017