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ReSharper options: Code Editing | TypeScript | Inspections

On this options page, you can adjust the way code inspection works in TypeScript.

TypeScript language level

The specified language level will be used when analyzing TypeScript code.

Enable type guards narrowing coloring

When ReSharper's syntax highlighting is enabled, this checkbox allows you to semantically color local variables, parameters, and their properties that are type-guarded.

Disable property (dotted) access syntax for types with string index signatures

This option lets you disable dynamic validation for types with index signatures.

For example, if you have interface Foo { [x: string]: number }, you will get a warning if using it in function test(foo: Foo) { foo.something }, but no warning if using it in function test(foo: Foo) { foo["something"] }.

Search for references in JSDocs inside .d.ts files

This option it disabled by default to optimize performance.

You may want to enable this option if you work with JSDocs inside d.ts files — it will enable navigation, refactorings, code completion and so on for code symbols inside JSDocs comments.

Last modified: 11 February 2024