ReSharper Platform SDK Help

Run Actions from Code

What you should know beforehand:

Examples (?):

Running an action is done via the ActionManager component. Synchronously:

var actionManager = Shell.Instance.GetComponent<IActionManager>(); actionManager.ExecuteAction<ActionShowMessageBox>();

Or asynchronously. In this case, you have to pass a lifetime as well (if the lifetime is terminated before the action is executed, the action is removed from the queue):


To have more options on how to execute the action (synchronously or asynchronously with various types of locks), you may decide to wrap a synchronous ExecuteAction call with one of the ShellLocks methods:

var shellLocks = Shell.Instance.GetComponent<IShellLocks>(); shellLocks.ExecuteOrQueue(_lifetime, "ExecuteSampleAction", () => { actionManager.ExecuteAction<ActionShowMessageBox>(); });
Last modified: 04 July 2023