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Keyboard Shortcuts: IntelliJ Keymap

When consulting this documentation, you can see keyboard shortcuts for the keymap that you use — choose it with the selector at the top of the page:

Keyboard shortcuts selector in the documentation

JetBrains Rider's top keyboard shortcuts

Search EverywhereDouble-Shift
Find Action...Ctrl+Shift+A
Open Solution or Project...Ctrl+Shift+O
Open File or Folder...N/A
Show Intention ActionsAlt+Enter
Navigate To...Ctrl+Shift+G
Recent FilesCtrl+E
Find UsagesAlt+F7
Select In...Alt+F1
Build SolutionCtrl+F9
View Breakpoints...Ctrl+Shift+F8
Attach to Process...Ctrl+Alt+F5
VCS Operations Popup...Alt+`
Refactor This...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Inspect This...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Reformat CodeCtrl+Alt+L
Code Cleanup...N/A

Basic editing

Paste as Plain TextCtrl+Alt+Shift+V
Paste from History...Ctrl+Shift+V
Paste from History...Ctrl+Shift+V
Duplicate Line or SelectionCtrl+D
Copy PathsCtrl+Shift+C
Copy ReferenceCtrl+Alt+Shift+C
Save AllCtrl+S
Indent SelectionTab
Unindent Line or SelectionShift+Tab
Start New LineShift+Enter
Start New Line Before CurrentCtrl+Alt+Enter
Delete LineCtrl+Y
Toggle CaseCtrl+Shift+U
Scratch FileCtrl+Alt+Shift+Insert
Open source in new windowShift+F4
Show WhitespacesN/A

Caret navigation

Select text

Coding assistance

Show Intention ActionsAlt+Enter
Basic CompletionCtrl+Space
Smart CompletionCtrl+Shift+Space
Second Basic CompletionCtrl+Alt+Space
Complete Current StatementCtrl+Shift+Enter
Reformat CodeCtrl+Alt+L
Parameter InfoCtrl+P
Quick DocumentationCtrl+Q
Move Statement UpCtrl+Shift+Up
Move Statement DownCtrl+Shift+Down
Move Element LeftCtrl+Alt+Shift+Left
Move Statement RightCtrl+Alt+Shift+Right
Move Line UpAlt+Shift+Up
Move Line DownAlt+Shift+Down
Comment with Line CommentCtrl+/
Comment with Block CommentCtrl+Shift+/
Code Cleanup...N/A
Silent Code CleanupN/A

Context navigation

Find everything

Code analysis

Build, Run, Debug


Global VCS actions

Unit Testing

Tool Windows

Last modified: 08 March 2021