JetBrains Rider 2018.2 Help

Code Inspections in General

InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
Inconsistent line separators

This inspection detects files with line separators different from the project default. E.g. you set the line separator to "\n" in the Settings|Code Style|Line separator, and the file you are editing uses '\r\n' as a line separator.

Problematic whitespace Disabled
TODO comment Disabled
Line is longer than allowed by code style

Inspection warns you of lines which are longer than right margin parameter in Code Style settings.

Injected References

Checks references injected by IntelliLang plugin.


Allows you to see problems reported by language annotators in the results of batch code inspection.

Syntax error

Allows you to see syntax errors in the results of batch code inspection.

Last modified: 12 September 2018