JetBrains Rider 2019.2 Help

Code Inspections in General



Default Severity

Inconsistent line separators

This inspection detects files with line separators different from the project default. E.g. you set the line separator to "\n" in the Settings|Code Style|Line separator, and the file you are editing uses '\r\n' as a line separator.


Problematic whitespace

Reports tabs used for indentation when the code style is configured to use only spaces. Reports spaces used for indentation whenthe code style is configured to use only tabs. Reports spaces used for indentation and tabs used for alignment when the codestyle is configured to use smart tabs.


TODO comment

Reports TODO comments in your code. The Format ofTODO comments is configurable via the Settings | Editor | TODO panel. Sincesyntax highlighting for TODO comments is already provided, it is expected that this will largelybe used in batch mode.


Line is longer than allowed by code style

Inspection warns you of lines which are longer than right margin parameter in Code Style settings.


Injected references

Checks references injected by IntelliLang plugin.


Allows you to see problems reported by language annotators in the results of batch code inspection.

Syntax error

Allows you to see syntax errors in the results of batch code inspection.

Redundant suppression

Reports usages of

  • @SuppressWarning annotation, or

  • // noinspection line comment, or

  • /** noinspection */ JavaDoc comment

which can be safely removed because inspection they affect is no longer applicable in this context.

For example:

public class C { // symbol is already private, // but annotation is still around @SuppressWarnings({"WeakerAccess"}) private boolean CONST = true ; void f() { CONST = false ; } }

Last modified: 29 November 2019