JetBrains Rider 2021.1 Help

Code Inspections in Properties files

This topic lists all JetBrains Rider code inspections available in Properties files.

You can toggle specific inspections or change their severity level on the Editor | Inspection Settings | Inspection Severity | Other Languages page of the Settings/Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S.

InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
Duplicate Property

Reports duplicate property keys with different values, duplicate keys or duplicate property values. Scope defines the area where inspection would search for duplicates.

For example:

Properties File or Resource Bundle is Alphabetically Unsorted

Reports on alphabetically unsorted resource bundles or properties files.

Property key/value delimiter doesn't match code style settings

Reports on properties in which key/value delimiter doesn't match code style settings.

Weak Warning Weak warning
Trailing Spaces in Property

Reports all properties which key or value are ending with whitespaces.

Warning Warning
Unused Property

Reports all properties not referenced from outside of the properties file.

Warning Warning
Last modified: 08 March 2021