JetBrains Rider 2020.3 Help

Go to Declaration

Navigate | Go to Declaration or Usages

Use this command to navigate to the declaration of a symbol from any symbol usage. You can invoke this command from the Solution Explorer, from the Structure window and other tool windows.
To navigate in the opposite direction (symbol usages) you can use the Go to Usages of Symbol command.

  1. Place the caret at a symbol in the editor or select the symbol in the Structure tool window.

If the item you navigate to belongs to the current solution, JetBrains Rider opens the corresponding file in the editor and places the caret at the symbol declaration. If it is in referenced libraries, JetBrains Rider navigates according to the settings defined on the Tools | External Symbols page of JetBrains Rider settings Ctrl+Alt+S.

Invoke this command on symbol declarations

As Go to Declaration (including its Ctrl-click access) is one of the most frequently used commands, JetBrains Rider streamlines your navigation experience letting you use this command in navigation scenarios related to usages of the declared symbol, so you can invoke Go to Declaration even if your caret is already at a symbol declaration to study symbol usages.

Last modified: 03 September 2020