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Assign Responsibilities

Responsibilities in a project indicate which project member is in charge of what within that project. Responsibilities do not affect permissions or anything whatsoever, they are here to help project members (and outsiders as well) find the right person.

To create responsibilities and assign members:

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. On the project sidebar menu, choose Settings.

  3. On the Project Settings page, go to the Responsibilities tab:

  4. If no responsibilities has been configured yet, click Start:

  5. Click Add.

  6. Type in the New responsibility subject. The subject here is a name for a group of responsibilities. If there are a lot of responsibilities in the project, subjects help organize them thematically in groups. If you don't want to divide the responsibilities, you can have only one subject which can be named after the project.


    Click Add again to create more subjects (groups).

  7. To add a new responsibility entry, click New responsibility and specify its name (e.g. Frontend or Design).

  8. To assign a member to the responsibility, click New assignee and select the member from the list:


    You can assign multiple members to a single responsibility.

  9. Members can be optionally grouped by Positions (e.g. Developers, Testers).

    To create a position, type its name into the appropriate field:


    To create additional positions, click Plus add grey next to an existing position.

    If you have multiple positions, you need to assign members to responsibilities under appropriate positions.

  10. Click View to see what the table will look like to others. It might look something like this:

Last modified: 03 February 2023