JetBrains Space Help

Edit a Project

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. On the project sidebar menu, choose Settings.

  3. On the Project Settings page, go to the Info tab:


You can change the following properties of an existing project:

  • Logo: Replace the default icon with a custom logo.

  • Name: The project name, at least two characters long.

  • Tag: A tag to attribute a project to some group of related projects. Can be in the form of a slash-separated virtual path.

  • Visibility:

    • A restricted project is only visible to its members assigned by the project administrator — all others won't be able to see and access it.

    • An internal project, including the source code, reviews and discussions, can be viewed by any member of organization. The project administrator can still limit the rights to commit and create reviews to specific members or teams.

  • Description: A short informative description of your project that will be displayed under the project name.

Last modified: 03 February 2023