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Review Changes Made by Others

As a reviewer you typically perform the following sequence of tasks:

  1. Go to the review and examine the changes.

  2. Leave your feedback and participate in discussion.

  3. Optionally invite other participants.

  4. Complete review by accepting the changes.

When someone invites you to review their changes, you'll receive a notification in Chats containing a direct link to the review. Follow the link to proceed to the review page.

On the review page, you'll notice a status indicator:


When its orange and says Reviewing, it means that the author is waiting for your feedback or approval.

Examine changes

The Timeline tab lists all events and comments related to the review:


To see the commits, files, and changes associated with this review, go to the Changes tab:


Click on the file name to display its unified (inline) diff. From here you can switch to a split (side-by-side) diff view: reviewSwitches.png

If the review contains multiple commits, you can select only one of them to see the files it affected and inspect changes:


Finished reviewing?

  • If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, or some other reasons not to approve the changes, discuss them with the author. Leave your comments and let the author know that you're done and waiting for their response. Click Finish → Wait for response:


    The author will be notified, and your status will change to Waiting:


    When the author is done replying or revising their changes, your status will turn to Reviewing once again, indicating that you may need to review an additional commit or just respond to the comments.

  • If everything is okay and you are ready to approve the changes, click Finish → Accept changes:


    Your status indicator will turn green, and no further action will be required:


Post comments

You can post comments, addressing them to other participants, and reply to the comments left by others. See Comments and Suggested Changes for details.

Assign other reviewers

You can invite other members to help you review the changes by assigning them to the review. Click edit-blue.png and select one or more reviewers from the drop-down list:


The assigned reviewers will be notified and displayed on top of the review page.

Subscribe others as watchers

You can invite others to watch updates and discuss changes by subscribing them to the review. Just mention them in a comment: type @ and pick a person from the list.

Keep track of reviews

The Code Reviews page lets you keep track of the reviews you participate in or are expected to. Use filters to check which reviews need your attentions either as author or reviewer.


On this page, you can also see and search all reviews in the project.

Last modified: 27 May 2022