JetBrains Space Help

Personal Productivity Tips

JetBrains Space can help boost your personal productivity. These tips will make you more efficient at using Space.

Share a link to the current page from the Space Desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Space Desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux let us work with all aspects of Space, and receive desktop notifications.

But there is no address bar! How can we share a link to the current page?

Hovering over the Space icon on the left reveals actions to open the current page in the browser, and to copy a link to the current page so we can share it.

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Search Everywhere - Basics

Use Search Everywhere and search for people, teams, projects, chat, repositories, code, ... Search Everywhere helps find and navigate to everything!

Use Search Everywhere (press Control+K) to find your way around Space!

Search Everywhere lets us search for people, teams, projects, repositories, code, and many more things. Search Everywhere lets us search, and provides hints on what we can do - navigate to a user profile, open a chat, ...

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Search Everywhere - Contexts

Search contextually with Search Everywhere, and quickly find your way around Space! Tell Space what you are after!

Search Everywhere (press Control+K) lets us find and navigate to everything. We can provide it with context...

Want to search for a team? Append "team". A chat, perhaps? Append "chat". Looking for a project? Append "project".

Press Tab and search within the previous result. Within a project context, we can search for issues, checklists, code reviews and repositories. In a repository, we can search for files.

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Search Everywhere - Create new things!

Use Search Everywhere, type new, and create meetings, absences, projects, and more!

With Search Everywhere (press Control+K), we can find our way around Space. But we can also use it to create new things!

Type new and append what you want to create. Depending on our privileges, we can create absences, articles, projects, meetings, new members and invitations - without the need to context-switch.

Create new things from wherever you are in Space!

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Search Everywhere - Hierarchy

Navigate Space hierarchy and quickly find preferences, chats, repositories, and more. Forward slash (/) lets you browse Space!

Using Search Everywhere (press Control+K), search forward slash (/) to browse Space hierarchically!

We can navigate to preferences, find chats, projects, repositories. And remember, Tab may let us search within the current context.

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Working with To-Do List

Plan and manage your daily tasks and goals. Organize yourself!

We can work on our To-Do list and add tasks to it. These To-Do's can be free-format, much like having a personal memo pad. To-Do's can also be entities in Space!

Need to follow up on a chat message? Add it as a To-Do. An issue needs your attention? Add it to the To-Do list.

Tick off tasks when they are completed. Use the arrow keys to navigate up/down the list, and the space bar to complete an item.

Sometimes, the best way to get something done is to wait for a better time to do it. To-Do's can be postponed until tomorrow, next week, or any time in the future.

The To-Do list is available from the sidebar, and can also be opened using the G, D keyboard shortcut.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard to navigate around Space. Navigate Space at warp speed!

Many actions and items can be navigatedto with keyboard shortcuts.

At any place, press ? to view available keyboard shortcuts. For navigation, we can press G (for Go), followed by another letter.

Quickly navigate to projects, teams, chats, and more. All of the items in Space are at your fingertips.

Last modified: 25 June 2021