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Team Productivity Tips

Next to Personal Productivity Tips, you can find more tips to work with JetBrains Space as a team.

Attach events to blog posts

Announce an event, provide context & get RSVPs.

If you want to notify your colleagues of an upcoming event (e.g. a conference, meet-up, party, all-hands meeting) and want to find out who will be able to attend it, you can publish a calendar event with a poll.

Providing context about the event, as well as the ability to comment and add reactions helps build excitement and gather feedback.

Interested in going? Members of your organization can RSVP immediately and respond with yes/no/maybe. The event will be added automatically to their calendar.

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Targeted blog posts

Create articles and announcements for a specific team or location. Reduce information overload!

In Blog, you can create and view articles, announcements and events.

Blog posts can be targeted to specific teams and/or locations. This ensures the information is only visible to relevant team members by default. They will get a notification, and the information will be shown on their home page. Others will not see the post automatically, greatly reducing information overload!

From the Blog section, we can view all articles and announcements, even those targeted to specific audiences. Filter them out as you prefer, search through content, and follow along about what is going on in your organization.

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Team calendar

See team member availability with the team calendar.

By sharing availability, both present and planned, team members are always informed about whether someone's home sick, planning a vacation, or going on a business trip.

The team calendar helps see who's around, and can be filtered by team, location and role. It helps inform team members about availability, and allows them to adjust their work plans.

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Team descriptions

Let others know what your team does!

By providing a description on your team page, this information will be available to anyone that visits it.

List key focus areas, and let others know what your team does!

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Office building floor plans

Where can I find my colleagues? Space helps you locate a team member's desk!

Find a team member's profile (tip: use Search Everywhere (press Control+K)) and see where they are seated. Space shows the building floor plan and lets you zoom and pan to see who else may be nearby.

In the team directory, we can filter by location and look at an office building floor plan.

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Last modified: 25 June 2021