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In blog.png Blog you can:

To open Blog:

  1. On the main menu, click blog.png

  2. If you don't see blog.png, click menu-horizontal.png to expand the menu.


When a new article is published, you get a notification in Chats and your email. You can choose to unsubscribe, subscribe, or tweak the notification settings.

Filter and view articles

In Space articles can be targeted to certain teams or locations when published. That means that when you open Blog you'll see only those articles that are intended for all organization members or specifically for you, based on your team or location. However, you can easily switch the default viewing setting to view all the articles regardless of targeting.

  1. Click blog.png on the main menu to go to Blog.

  2. Use the For me toggle to display either all articles or only those targeted to you based on your team or location.

  3. Use the drop-down menus on top to filter out the list of displayed blog posts by their date and author:

  4. Use filters on the left-hand sidebar to filter articles based on targeted teams and locations:


    For example, if you select Amsterdam, only articles intended for the Amsterdam office will be shown:

  5. You can also browse through the feed on the right:


Find an article

  1. Click blog.png on the main menu to go to Blog.

    • To find an article by its title, press Control+K and enter a word or phrase it might contain.

    • To perform a full-text search across all articles, press Control+Shift+F and type in a word or phrase.

Create and publish an article (blog post)

If you want to write an article and publish it to the Blog, first you need to create a document draft in your personal My documents folder where all your drafts are saved.

You draft is hidden from everyone until you publish it except for people you explicitly share it with.

See My Documents for detailed instruction.

Edit, unpublish, archive an article

After you have published your article (blog post), you can still:

  • Edit it and publish the update.

  • Remove it from the blog (unpublish it)

  • Archive it.

To update your blog post:

  1. Open the blog post and click the Edit icon.

  2. Edit the content. The article status will change from Published to Outdated.

  3. Click Outdated and choose Publish update to blog:


To unpublish your blog post:

  1. Open the blog post and click the Edit icon.

  2. Click Published and choose Unpublish:


To archive your blog post:

  1. Open the blog post and click the Edit icon.

  2. Click menu-horizontal.png and choose Archive:


    The blog post will be removed from the blog and archived.

Publish a scheduled event with a poll

If you want to notify your colleagues of an upcoming event (e.g. conference, meet-up, party) and want to find out who will be able to attend it, you can publish a calendar event with a poll.

  1. Create a new document (blog post).

  2. Describe the event in the document's title and body.

  3. Click Publish to blog.

  4. In the Publish Article dialog, click Edit settings.

  5. Specify the target audience and check Add event.

  6. Specify date and time of the event and its location (optional).

  7. Click Publish to blog.

    The event will be posted to the Blog presenting the readers with a simple way to answer if they are going to participate or not. Everyone who chooses Yes or Maybe will be shown right in the event posting.

Subscribe to / unsubscribe from new article notifications

With the default settings you'll be notified in Chats and email every time a new articles or event announcement that is targeted to you is published to the blog.

To unsubscribe from these updates, or change your notification settings (e.g. get notifications only in Chats, but not in your email):

  1. On the top left, click your avatar.

  2. Choose Preferences → Subscriptions.

  3. To unsubscribe from blog post updates, turn off the Blogs switch.

    To subscribe to selected updates from specific authors, or targeted to specific teams or locations, create a custom subscription:

Last modified: 15 December 2023