JetBrains Space Help

Extend Space

Though Space is an all-in-one solution, it cannot cover every possible business task and scenario. That's why we conceived Space as an extensible platform from the very beginning. You can extend Space functionality in several ways:

Custom fields

Add custom fields to a variety of Space entities: issues, personal profiles, absences, teams, etc. For example, you can add a hobby field to user profiles, a reference or specification field to issues, and so on.

Learn how to create custom fields and custom fields in Issues.

JetBrains Marketplace applications

Extend functionality of your Space instance by installing applications from JetBrains Marketplace – an official store of Space applications developed by JetBrains and third-party companies. If you're an application developer, you can publish your applications to JetBrains Marketplace.

Learn how to install Space applications.

Your own applications

Create your own application – an external server-side service or a client-side application (JavaScript, mobile, or desktop) that can interact with Space using the Space HTTP API. For example, send messages to chats, receive data on projects, teams, Automation jobs, and more.

Learn how to develop your own applications.

Last modified: 20 April 2023