WebStorm 2019.2 Help

Register WebStorm

You can evaluate WebStorm for up to 30 days. After that, you need to buy and register a license.

  1. Do one of the following to open the License Activation dialog:

    • On the Welcome screen, click Configure | Manage License

    • From the main menu, select Help | Register

    The License Activation dialog
  2. Select how you want to register WebStorm:



    JetBrains Account

    Register using the JetBrains Account.

    For more information, see What is JetBrains Account?

    Activation code

    Register using an activation code.

    License server

    Register using a License Server.

    To override the URL of the system proxy during initial WebStorm startup, use the -Djba.http.proxy property, which can be added as a JVM option.

    When performing silent install or managing WebStorm installations on multiple machines, you can set the JETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER environment variable to point the installation to the license server URL.

Multiple licenses

If you have plugins that require a license, then instead of the License Activation dialog, open the Licenses dialog by clicking Help | Licenses from the main menu.

The Licenses dialog

The Licenses dialog contains a list of licenses and shows their states:

  • Expired: Renew your license to continue.

  • Grace period: You have several days until the license expires.

  • Evaluation period: Use without an active license.

  • Active license: Use until the expiry date.

To configure a license, click the Edit button, which opens the License Activation dialog.

Last modified: 17 September 2019