YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

About YouTrack Cloud

YouTrack Cloud is a cloud-based web application hosted by JetBrains. YouTrack Cloud lets you take full advantage of the issue tracking and project management tool without the need to install or maintain the server. The YouTrack team performs all maintenance and upgrades for you.

Here's what you get with YouTrack Cloud:

Cloud Domains

The default domain for the new YouTrack Cloud instances registered on November 2, 2021, or later is Newly registered instances are available at

YouTrack Cloud instances registered before November 2, 2021, remain accessible at the domain. Once an instance is upgraded to version 2021.4, it may migrate to The migration requires the administrator to reconfigure the domain settings and the settings of some third-party auth modules.

Your instance name is automatically reserved on both domains, and, so you can migrate to the new domain at any time.

Migrate to the New Domain

All YouTrack Cloud instances registered before November 2, 2021, are hosted on by default. When your instance is upgraded from an older version to version 2021.4, the instance administrator gets the opportunity to migrate to

Update Auth Modules

Before updating the domain settings, you need to update the settings of the auth modules based on OAuth 2.0 or OpenID. If you don't have any OAuth 2.0 or OpenID auth modules, skip this part and proceed to update the domain settings.

Auth modules that require no reconfiguration: Hub, Active Directory, Atlassian Jira, LDAP, Open LDAP, SAML 2.0.

Auth modules that require reconfiguration: Amazon, AOL, Azure AD 2.0, Bitbucket Cloud, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, Google, JetBrains Account, Microsoft Live, OAuth 2.0, OpenID 2.0, PayPal, Yahoo!, Yandex Passport.

To update auth modules:

  1. On the side of the IdP, proceed to update the Authorized redirect URI field or its analogue.

  2. For each redirect URI on the list starting with, add one more URI starting with

    Don't remove any URIs from the list, as they may come in handy if you decide to roll the base URL back.

  3. Apply your changes.

  4. In your browser, navigate to and try to log in with the updated auth module.

  5. Repeat the procedure for all auth modules that require reconfiguration.

Update Domain Settings

When the auth modules are reconfigured, change the base URL of your YouTrack to migrate it to the new domain.

To update the domain settings:

  1. From the Administration menu in YouTrack, select Server Settings > Global Settings.

  2. On the Server Configuration tab, scroll down to the Domain Settings section.

  3. In the Base URL field, enter, where instancename corresponds to the name of your YouTrack Cloud instance.

  4. Click Save to save the new value and apply changes.

Changes for the Instances Migrated to the New Domain

Here is the list of changes that happen to a YouTrack Cloud instance after migrating to the new

Change Area


Default Domain

  • The instance becomes available at

  • The old address at remains fully functional for backward compatibility.

Default email address

If you're using the default mail server for notifications, its address changes to

Links to Issues from Notifications and Widgets

All links to YouTrack issues from notifications and dashboard widgets will lead to the new domain at

Third-Party Auth Modules

If you haven't yet reconfigured auth modules that redirect to, they may require reconfiguration. For instructions, refer to Update Auth Modules.

Last modified: 11 June 2024