YouTrack Cloud 2022.2 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.

Introducing YouTrack Cloud

JetBrains has officially changed the name for YouTrack InCloud to, quite simply, YouTrack Cloud. We've also changed the name for our self-hosted edition to YouTrack Server.

This change reinforces our commitment to making your experience with YouTrack as effortless and straightforward as possible — right down to the name. It will not impact the features you love to work with or the peace of mind you feel when you trust us to host your application data on our cloud platform.

New Features



Timesheets for Workgroups

Whether you're working with a cross-functional matrix team or an ad-hoc task force, the Timesheets for Workgroups feature lets you track spent time flexibly and efficiently. Set up custom timesheets for tracking work performed by any set of users, groups, and project teams.

Custom Attributes for Work Items

Identify the information you want to capture when users add spent time to their issues by adding custom attributes to your work items. Each project can have its own set of attributes and store a project-specific collection of values.

Import from Google Sheets

We added support for importing issue data from Google Sheets. This means you can effectively import issues from any tracker that exports data in a compatible format, including CSV and XLSX.

You can also use it as a tool for importing issues in bulk.

New Language Options

We've enabled the option to select additional languages supported by community-based localization. This means you can now work with YouTrack in Italian or Ukrainian.

These language options are available at the global level or as a per-user preference.

Language Support in YouTrack Mobile

The YouTrack mobile app now supports all of the languages that are available in YouTrack. The interface is adapted automatically based on the language setting in your YouTrack profile.

Updates and Enhancements



Gantt Charts with Unbound Estimations

You now have the option to create a Gantt chart without linking the estimated duration for each task to the value stored in a custom field. As a result, you can modify these estimations freely without updating the underlying issues.

Color Formatting Options for Rich Text

We’ve updated our rich text editor to let you apply a range of colors and highlights to text.

Inline Image Editing

The new inline image editor lets you crop, highlight, draw, and blur an image as you author content. This tool is available for issue descriptions, articles, and comments when working in Visual editing mode.

Updated Authentication Module for Azure AD

We've added settings that let you map group memberships in Azure AD to groups in YouTrack. Use these settings to keep your user accounts in sync.

Standard user attributes are now synced automatically without additional setup.

Redefined Registered Users Group

As part of our ongoing effort to simplify user management, we have modified the properties of the default Registered Users group. This group was redefined to include all users except the guest account. Its settings are now read-only, and you can no longer remove users from the group.

Discontinued Features



YouTrack Wiki

YouTrack's proprietary wiki syntax was deprecated when we introduced support for Markdown in 2018. With the 2022.2 release, support for YouTrack Wiki markup has been removed from YouTrack.

The following changes are applied during upgrade:

  • All of the content that was authored or imported using YouTrack Wiki is converted to HTML. This content can be updated using Markdown or by editing the HTML markup as it is currently supported in YouTrack. For details, see HTML Blocks.

  • Content stored in Wiki Notes widgets is converted to Markdown (as HTML) as well.

  • All existing Wiki Notes and Markdown Notes widgets are now stored as Quick Notes. For details, see Quick Notes Widgets.

Azure AD 2.0 Authentication Module

The authentication module that supported logins for Azure AD accounts has been replaced with the updated Azure AD Auth Module. Existing Azure AD 2.0 authentication modules are deactivated during upgrade to YouTrack version 2022.2.

To continue to let users sign in to YouTrack with their Azure AD accounts, you need to migrate to the updated version of the authentication module. For instructions see, Migration from the Azure AD 2.0 Auth Module.

Last modified: 10 August 2022