YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.

New Features



AI-Powered Writing Assistance

YouTrack users can now get help from JetBrains Grazie when describing their issues and tasks, posting comments, or adding content to the knowledge base. Grazie is designed to help you write, communicate, and work more effectively — regardless of your role.

Typing Indicator for Comments

This new feature lets agents see when other agents are in the process of adding a comment to a helpdesk ticket. This is designed to help to avoid duplicating efforts or redundant communication.

Mermaid Diagrams

YouTrack's rich text editor has been updated to support diagrams and charts created using Mermaid markup. Copy and paste your code from a code editor or compose your diagram directly in YouTrack.

Version History for Issues and Comments

We’ve made it possible to view a complete history of changes applied to comments in issues and articles. This transparency promotes accountability by showing who made each change and when it was made, which can be important for auditing purposes.

Workflow Actions for Articles, Comments, and Attachments

Updates to the workflow engine let you automate updates to articles in the knowledge base, as well as comments and attachments in both issues and articles. This opens up a wider range of possibilities for automating routine business processes.

Exports as Markdown

A new option lets you export articles as Markdown files. This makes it easier for you to transfer your content between different platforms, applications, and systems without losing formatting or structure.

Other Enhancements



Streamlined Setup for New Projects

Our updated flow for creating projects is designed to guide you through every step of the process. As a result, you should have an easier time configuring your projects correctly and efficiently.

Support for Conditional Fields in Online Forms

Online forms have been updated to mimic the behavior of conditional fields used for issues. This means reporters users only see fields relevant to their specific situation, reducing clutter and confusion.

Enhanced Actions for Attachments

We’ve added new options to the component for managing attachments so you can easily find and review these files.

Multiple Visibility Groups for Issue Fields

The settings that lets you determine which users can view or update a specific field have been updated to allow multiple groups and teams. This means you can make this information available to the people who need to see it without having to create dedicated user groups for individual fields.

Actions for Additional Branches in TeamCity Integrations

For YouTrack projects that are integrated with TeamCity, you can now set up separate actions for an unlimited number of branches. As a result, you can automate updates when build numbers are assigned to issues from any branch you want.

Global Configurations for Import Scripts

Imports that pull content from the same web address now recognize when a source project has already been mapped to a target project in YouTrack. This means you can set up separate import jobs from the same import source without importing the same content to multiple projects.

Ticket Channels in the Helpdesk Sidebar

A new indicator has been added to the sidebar in the Helpdesk ticket list. It indicates the communication channel used by the reporter to submit their request.

Option to Create Copies of Tickets as Issues

We've added a new default workflow for helpdesk projects that lets agents create a copy of a ticket from a helpdesk project as an issue in another non-helpdesk project. This can come in handy for situations when reporters create helpdesk tickets that are actually bugs or feature requests that should be handled by a department that isn't subject to the resolution timeframes applied to support requests.

Performance Improvements

We've invested our efforts over the last several months on improving the overall performance of YouTrack. Our primary focus has been on enhancing medium to large-scale installations. Notable improvements include:

  • The Issues list — pages open noticeably faster and require less traffic between the server and client.

  • Agile boards — you should notice faster loading times and a reduction in the delay for live updates.

  • Issue creation — the amount of time required to process the transition from draft to issue is significantly reduced.

  • CPU — processor utilization has been minimized, which should make the app seem more performant overall.

For YouTrack Cloud, improvements to our process for deploying updates should make even smaller instances feel more responsive.

Discontinued Features



Integration with an External Hub Service

Starting from version 2024.2, YouTrack no longer supports integration with an external Hub service. The option to migrate data from a built-in Hub to an external installation has been removed. For new YouTrack Server installations, the option to choose an external Hub service during setup has been removed as well.

Existing installations that are connected to external Hub services can continue to use and upgrade both YouTrack and Hub. An option to migrate data from an external Hub to a built-in Hub module will be added at a later date.

Last modified: 19 June 2024