YouTrack Cloud 2023.1 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.


YouTrack now includes a ticket-based helpdesk solution that lets you provide support for external customers or maintain service desks for internal users. This setup lets customers easily submit support requests from multiple channels and receive timely updates on the status of their tickets. Helpdesk projects also support flexible service level agreements that help ensure each request is handled within your customers' expectations.

The YouTrack Helpdesk includes these key features:



Helpdesk Projects

The helpdesk solution is supported by a new project template. This template is preconfigured with its own set of fields, notification templates, workflows, and more. It also supports features that are not available in standard projects for project management, like support channels and SLA policies.


Your helpdesk project can be connected to multiple support channels. These channels let customers reach out to the helpdesk for support from various touchpoints like your website or a mobile app. You can use these channels to handle any type of inquiry, including questions, feedback, complaints, purchase requests, and more.

Tools for Agents

Helpdesk agents have access to a range of tools that help them efficiently manage customer support inquiries and provide high-quality service, including:

  • Comment templates let agents compose pre-written responses that can be easily inserted into a support ticket.

  • Preconfigured search queries provide quick access to new tickets, unresolved tickets, unresolved tickets for yourself as an agent, and more.

  • The ability to revise a public comment without generating a reply to the customer lets agents update text in hastily-posted comments or update the visibility before adding the comment.

  • Default signatures let agents automatically append contact info to public comments in helpdesk tickets.

Unlimited Reporters

The updated licensing model lets you add an unlimited number of accounts for reporters to your YouTrack installation. Reporters only have access to their own tickets and cannot be granted permission to view any content that isn't made available to the public. This means any number of people can request support without any restriction on the number of users or the number of tickets that can be created.

SLA Policies

Flexible service-level agreements (SLAs) let you define measurable service-level targets, such as response time, resolution time, and availability. You can use multiple policies to define an SLA for handling tickets created in your helpdesk projects and set separate goals for different types of requests.

Updates and Enhancements



Zendesk Integration Updates

The updated integration no longer requires that you set up a sharing agreement on the Zendesk side and its behavior is similar to imports from other issue tracking tools.

New Search and Filter Options for Articles

We updated YouTrack's search engine to let you find articles that contain matches for specific attributes. This powerful tool helps you find articles with greater precision.

Tags for Articles

You can now use the same collection of tags that is available for issues and helpdesk tickets to classify and filter articles in the knowledge base. Use this feature to group and label articles that contain related content.

Discontinued Features



POP3 Support in Mailbox Integrations

In an effort to improve the security of our integrations with external tools, we will discontinue support for mailbox connections using the POP3 protocol. We encourage system administrators to migrate to IMAP connections instead.

JetBrains YouTrack Workflow Converter

We are retiring the web-based tool that converts workflows that were written in a domain-specific language using the external YouTrack Workflow Editor to JavaScript. As we discontinued support for legacy workflows in YouTrack 2019.3, we assume that this tool is no longer needed. If you still have legacy workflows that have not been converted to JavaScript, you can either rewrite them yourself or rebuild them using the no-code Workflow Constructor.

The following features will not be discontinued in the 2023.1 release, but will be retired later this year.



Jabber Notifications

Given the popularity of other messaging technologies, we have decided to stop supporting notifications over Jabber/XMPP. This feature will be deactivated in an upcoming release.

Last modified: 01 June 2023