YouTrack Server 2024.1 Help

Roll Back to Built-in Hub

After you migrate your YouTrack data from built-in Hub to an external Hub service, you can only roll back to the in-application user management by restoring your data from the pre-migration backup. This means that any changes that were made in the external Hub service are lost.

To roll back to the built-in Hub service:

  1. Restore the database from a backup. For instructions, see the page that is relevant to your distribution type:

  2. In the external Hub, open the More Settings > Services page.

  3. Select the application service in the list, and click the trash button in the toolbar.

    • The service is removed from Hub.

    • User management for YouTrack is no longer supported by the external Hub.

    • All of resources and permissions for the YouTrack service are deleted from the external Hub.

Last modified: 04 May 2024