YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Working with External Hub

YouTrack is always connected to a Hub service. The Hub service supports authentication, authorization, and user management.

In YouTrack Server versions 2024.1 and earlier, you had the option use the Hub service that is built into YouTrack or install and run Hub as an external application. An external Hub installation lets you centralize user management operations for YouTrack and TeamCity installations. It also enables single sign-on and some additional integration features for these applications.

With an external Hub installation, several features that are otherwise accessible in YouTrack are displayed in the native Hub interface. These features include:


Hub dashboards support widgets for all services that are connected to Hub. This includes widgets that display information from TeamCity.

The page that lets administrators manage custom widgets is also


Hub projects serve as a collection of resources from Hub and other services that are connected to it. For example, a Hub project can contain a project from YouTrack as a resource. Adding users to the project team in Hub grants access to all resources that are allocated to the Hub project.

Access Management

Settings and controls for managing users, groups, roles, auth modules, and other authorization parameters are all delegated to the external Hub service. All the links to pages in the Access Management section of the Administration menu in YouTrack redirect to Hub.

Server Settings

Many of the settings that you would otherwise manage in the YouTrack interface are centrally managed for all applications in the external Hub service. The following links in the Server Settings section of the Administration menu in YouTrack redirect to pages in Hub:

The following items are removed from the Administration menu and are only accessible in the menu of the external Hub application.

Last modified: 19 June 2024