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Improve your code quality

ReSharper C++ highlights code issues and provides quick-fixes. Unreachable code? Redundant statements? Suspicious object slicing? Incorrect format specifier? ReSharper C++ will bring these and other potential errors to your attention and help you fix them.

Improve your code quality

Find your way through the code

ReSharper C++ makes it easy to navigate through your project. Jump to any file, type, or type member, and find their usages. In just a few clicks, you can go from a code symbol to its declaration, definition, base, or derived symbols.

Find your way through the code

Enjoy reliable refactorings

Code refactorings help you safely change your codebase, which is especially important in a language as complex as C++. Context actions let you switch between alternate syntax constructs and serve as shortcuts to code generation actions.

Choose your code style

Fine-tune the editor to follow the code style preferred by your team. You can save your formatting and naming preferences to a settings file and share it with others.

Go beyond

Do you need C# and C++ for your project? With ReSharper and ReSharper C++ covered by the same license, and with smart C++/CLI support, using both is no longer a problem!

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Your Perfect Game Development Companion


Take advantage of the UnrealHeaderTool integration and catch issues related to Unreal Engine macros and metadata early. ReSharper C++ displays any errors and warnings right in the editor so you can quickly fix them and continue developing glitch-free games.

Reflection Specifiers

Benefit from native support for Unreal Engine reflection macros. ReSharper C++ understands the reflection mechanism and offers completion for reflection specifiers inside macros.


Be more productive with support for HLSL shaders. ReSharper C++ recognizes .usf and .ush files and provides syntax highlighting, navigation within the entire solution, smart suggestions in completion lists, and parameter info.

Remote Procedure Calls

When working in Unreal Engine projects, ReSharper C++ handles Remote Procedure Calls, and offers inspections, code generation, navigation, and refactorings.

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What’s New in ReSharper C++ 2021.1

New C++ Features

New C++ Features

Syntax Style

Syntax Style

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

ReSharper C++ 2021.1 brings support for several new C++20 and C++17 language features: class types in non-type template parameters, C++20 class template argument deduction rules, and noexcept as a part of the function type. The completion engine adds support for C++20 coroutines.

A new set of syntax style settings lets you precisely configure your preferred code style. The inspections and quick-fixes help you keep your code consistent by finding and eliminating style violations. With the power of code cleanup, you can apply the chosen style throughout your codebase with ease.

Updates for Unreal Engine include postfix code completion for the Cast type-safe dynamic casting, support for the RIGVM_METHOD reflection macro, and initial support for Unreal Engine 5 based on feedback from the Epic Games team, so you’ll be able to try out Unreal Engine 5 as soon as it is officially released.

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A tool that really sets the bar for the development experience. Just as Clang once disrupted the compiler world, ReSharper C++ is now disrupting the IDE world.

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