YouTrack’s extensive flexibility allows it to adapt to your processes, teams, and individual users.

Automate your business processes with workflows

YouTrack supports powerful workflows that enable you to automate every aspect of your tasks’ life cycles and ensure that users always follow your established processes. Use YouTrack’s predefined workflows, find more workflows in our repository on GitHub, or create your own custom workflows using the Workflow Constructor or by coding them in JavaScript using the built-in script editor.

Configure task layouts

Define exactly how your tasks are presented and what information they contain by specifying the included fields and rules for filling them out. The list of fields included in tasks can be defined globally and at the project level, and separate task layouts can be created for different subsystems within projects.

Custom fields

Custom fields

Almost every predefined field in YouTrack can be reconfigured, and you can add as many new issue fields as you need to describe and categorize your tasks.

In addition to all of the standard field types (like text, integer, float, enumerated list, date, etc.) you can create fields that store system values like users, user groups, versions, builds, and other entities.

Reduce clutter and make it easy for users to create new tasks by including conditional fields whose visibility depends on the value selected in another field.

All fields have their own user and group permissions, so you can restrict the visibility of sensitive information in tasks that are accessible to a wider audience.


YouTrack is ready to connect to a growing number of external systems, including popular third-party VCS, code repositories, test management platforms, and task tracking applications, as well as other JetBrains tools.

Our fully documented Open REST API allows you to create your own integrations with other products and services.

YouTrack’s dashboards support custom widgets, which provide a convenient way to display information provided by external sources. The YouTrack Marketplace hosts dashboard widgets created by JetBrains and third-party contributors, and we provide extensive documentation to help you code your own.

Look and feel

Look and feel

Switch to dark mode, choose between YouTrack Lite and YouTrack Classic, select your preferred language, set up dashboards for yourself and your team, and configure task display and layout options to make YouTrack your own.



YouTrack is currently available in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. These official localizations are supported by JetBrains and updated with every new YouTrack release.

There are also community translations into Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. You can even create your own custom translation to rename parts of the interface for different teams and users. Each user can set their own preferred interface language in their profile settings.

The YouTrack mobile app supports localization too. The app will be automatically preset to the language you’ve selected for YouTrack.

Custom user profiles

Extend your users’ profiles with additional fields to store extra information such as team details, office location, additional contact details, a personal message to other users, or anything that will help team members find each other and enhance communication and collaboration.

Сustom user profile attributes can be synchronized with your Active Directory server or accessed via REST API or in YouTrack workflows, which opens up even more possibilities for process automation.


In addition to global and team level customizations, there are lots of options for individual users to make YouTrack their own.

It’s easy to create your own custom workspace with agile boards, dashboards, tags, and saved searches that are visible only to you, your team, or specified users. You can specify exactly who can see your comments on issues, which provides a great way to keep notes for yourself or a limited group of team members.

Stay updated with customized notifications

Stay updated with customized notifications

Fully customizable templates give you complete control over how automated notifications delivered via email and Jabber are presented to users and customers. Notification templates can be customized globally for the entire system and separately for each project, with fully independent templates for each interface language.