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Boost the productivity of every team in your company

YouTrack Lite

YouTrack Lite is the new streamlined interface for creating, browsing, and updating issues. It’s designed for any member of any team to boost productivity and focus on the tasks at hand. Key features include a table view, handy text styling options, and quick access to recently viewed issues. YouTrack Lite is offered as an alternative to YouTrack Classic, which means you can switch between the two to match your mood.

YouTrack Lite

Your work and tasks, organized your way

With YouTrack Lite any team member can choose to view and organize their tasks any way they want. Start with a minimalistic to-do list view of open issues, or use the table view of tasks where you choose which details to display so you can see who is doing what and when. Columns in the table can be removed, added, and repositioned in just two clicks. Use fullscreen mode on your issues list to avoid any distractions.

YouTrack Lite

View recent items and access all your work on one screen

In YouTrack Lite all recent issues and articles are never far away with the recent items panel. Issues open in a quick-view pane that lets you easily review them without losing context. Save any of your issue filters and access them along with your drafts from the left-hand panel.

Easily find what you need

Apply filters to the issues list to build a view of tasks you need to see. In YouTrack, you are able to see all the team tasks in one place or filter the list to view the relevant tasks from any angle. You can add any issue field and use it to filter the list.

Filtering works independently from the columns in the issue table, so the way the tasks are represented in the list is up to you, no matter what columns are displayed. You can filter issues with absolute precision while displaying only the details you need.

Search at any time, and use the powerful query mode just like you did in YouTrack Classic. For example, to filter issues created 1 day ago that match the word 'Lite' use the query: created: {minus 1d}..today 'Lite'

YouTrack Lite

Switch between YouTrack Lite and YouTrack Classic anytime

YouTrack Lite provides flexibility for any member of any team to organize their workspace, with options for simple or structured task representation to fit your needs and the ability to hide all unnecessary details.

Whenever you need to get into the specifics of software development projects, YouTrack Classic is just one click away. Work with YouTrack Classic if you need to view advanced details, such as VCS changes or code reviews, or use keyboard-centric navigation and commands.

Switch between YouTrack Lite and YouTrack Classic at any time in the Appearance menu under your avatar.

YouTrack Lite

Use handy text styling options

In YouTrack, you can use text styling options for issues and comments. Easily add headings, format text, create lists and tables, add checkboxes, and embed files – everything you need to make your work communications nice and clear. The same handy text editor is used for Articles in the Knowledge Base and is available for issues and comments both in YouTrack Lite and in YouTrack Classic. And if that’s not enough, the option to switch to Markdown editing is also available.

Use the full power for software teams

YouTrack Classic

YouTrack Classic provides all the advanced controls necessary for your software development issue tracking. Speed up your routine operations using shortcuts to keep everything you need at your fingertips. Modify multiple issues quickly and efficiently by applying commands to them. Check the statuses of your VCS changes, get data from your build server integration, and enable time tracking – all in one place.

YouTrack Classic

Issues List

The Issues list displays a list of the issues that have been created in your YouTrack. On an Issues List you can switch to dark mode, use the convenient search bar, sidebar and toolbar, choose which fields you want visible on the Issues List, use actions to select and to apply a command to all of the issues at the same time.

All the Details You Need

When you need to dive into details, use the Full Issue View showing all the voters, watchers, and comments; history of changes; any linked issues, tags, and TeamCity builds associated with the issue; VCS changes linked to the issue; and any relevant code reviews. A full preview of attached files is available when you hover the mouse over the attachment clip.

Smart Search

Smart Search

Search Queries

Use simple query syntax similar to natural language to find the issues you need. Search for issues by their attributes and keywords, with full-text search, or both.

Forget about combo boxes, drop-down lists and anything else that usually bloats your screen space and makes you filter out existing issues.

For example, this is how you search for all unresolved critical issues reported by customer Tom Jones and assigned to you.

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Completion & Highlighting

YouTrack provides query completion in the search box to help you choose appropriate keywords and values. Query completion is invoked automatically while you type, or just by pressing Ctrl+Space.

While you're entering a query, YouTrack highlights keywords and values, and uses red dotted underline to highlight errors.

Search Based on Time Tracking

Filter issues based on the work item type, author and date. For example, if you want find all the issues that you’ve been working on during the last week, use a query work author: me work date: {last week}.

Opensearch Support

Type your search query right in your browser’s search bar to navigate straight to your search results! This feature is available in all browsers that support the OpenSearch technology including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Search Context

Narrow down your search to a certain context, by choosing a project, saved search, or tag as your context. Or simply use Everything to search across all projects and issues.


Use tags to group issues the way you prefer, regardless of their attributes. For example, create a tag like fix it today and associate it with issues from different projects, subsystems and so on.

Tags can also be used in your search queries to filter all the tagged issues. Any user-defined tag can be set to untag on resolve so as soon as you fix a tagged issue, the association will automatically end.

In addition, assign different colors to mark tags, and share tags to allow other users to view, update and add your tags to new issues.

Saved Searches

Save search queries for future use. You'll appreciate this feature when you end up filtering issues with queries like:

in: {ReSharper Support}, dotTrace state: Open by: tommy.jones for: louis.snow priority: Critical,Show-stopper sort by: votes, updated asc

Share saved searches with other users so they can view your saved search and/or change its name.

To make additional use of a saved search, enter it in the search box or choose it using query completion. Manage saved searches in the Issue list to make them visible or hide them.


Not familiar with search queries? Try filters! Select one or more issue attributes from the list and see how many issues match your filters. Then simply click Show to view them in the list of issues.

When you choose a combination of filters, YouTrack inserts the corresponding search query in the Search box. This helps you learn search queries faster, and you can save them as your saved searches too to use again later.

One-click filter for unresolved issues on Issues List

#Unresolved is one of the most popular search criteria. That’s understandable, as you often need to search through actual issues that have not yet been completed. To save you time, we have introduced a dedicated setting that displays only unresolved issues from any search query in one click. For the sake of consistency, this setting persists even when you share a search with your teammates or change the search query. You can turn it off easily by clicking on the same icon.

Sort the Issues List by number of comments

This small but nifty feature allows you to sort the Issues List by number of comments. This means you’ll be able to find the most discussed issues in your tracker and, together with sorting by number of votes, understand what is missed most in your product.

Exact match search

In articles and issues, you can use an exact match search. Wrap the word or a string in single quotes, and YouTrack will look for an exact match for it. In contrast to standard text search – which is not case sensitive and helps you find all the variations of the target words, and sorts the search results by relevance – the exact match search will help you look for the specific form of a word or code part.

Relative date parameters in search queries and reports

In search and reports, you can now use a relative period, specified by any number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, before or after the current date. For example, to find issues created in the last seven days, use the following in your search bar: created: {minus 1w}..Today

Instant Issue Reporting

Report with a Single Shortcut

To create a new issue, press Alt+Ins anywhere within YouTrack, or click Create Issue.

Set issue attributes; add links to other issues; add other users to the list of watchers; mark issues with tags and attach and edit your screenshots. You can also use Markdown markup syntax with HTML support for special text formatting, and restrict access to your issue by making it visible to a specific user group only.

Clone issue as draft

Sometimes you need to file an issue that is similar to an existing one. Now you can make a draft based on an existing issue, with the new “Clone issue as draft” action. Edit the fields and the description in the draft and make sure everything is correct before submitting your new issue.

Use Multiple Drafts

Create and manage as many drafts as you want. Your list of drafts is available from the New Issue form: simply select the one that you want to report this time. You can also edit several drafts simultaneously.

Similar Issues

As you enter a new issue Summary and Description, YouTrack suggests a list of similar issues matching the text in your summary and description. The issue you’re about to create could already be there!

HTML Support in Markdown

Use Markdown Syntax

You can format text in issue descriptions, comments, and other fields. Use special Markdown markup syntax to create links to other issues or external resources, code blocks, tables, headers, checklists, to add images, and text formatting. Our Markdown implementation supports HTML markup. You can enhance issue content with collapsible blocks, custom text colors, line breaks in table cells, and much more. A link to the Markdown reference page is available from the Issue Area.

Edit Images in Place

Take a screenshot, upload it into the Image Editor and tweak it on the spot: crop, add highlights, add text, or blur any areas that you don’t want others to see.

Height and width attributes for images and embedded content in Markdown

Markdown tags can now be used to resize images, embedded videos, and other media attachments in issues and articles. Add a targeted size in pixels or in the desired percentage of the initial height and width after the file name. Adjust the width and height of the content to make an image or video in an article, issue, or comment look just right.

Prettify Inserted Code

Make issue comments or code inserted into issue descriptions more readable with highlighting. YouTrack uses a standard google-code-prettify library which by default supports C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby and SH. Including additional parameters enables highlighting for more languages such as apollo, css, sql, and more.

Make External Reporters Happy

Get more external bug reports by providing your users with an easy-to-use reporting tool. YouTrack enables logging in with Google, GitHub, OpenID, Yahoo, or AOL accounts for a more convenient reporting process. (Just make sure to first enable and configure the corresponding Auth module.)

Create Issue from E-mail

Integrate YouTrack with your mailbox (IMAP, POP3) and report issues right from emails. You can configure the issue reporter, set up a command to be applied to a created issue, or add comments by replying to a notification email you received.

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Report Issue via REST API

YouTrack provides a powerful REST API for performing various actions programmatically, including automated issue submission from third-party applications.

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Innovative Concept of Managing Issues

Link Issues

You can link issues using various dependency types, such as relates to, depends on, duplicates, and so on. Any issue can be linked to multiple other issues in one go.

Manage Duplicates

Aggregate data for duplicates, including filtering linked issues with comments and attachments, transfer votes and merge voters and watchers.

Keyboard-Driven Navigation

Use handy keyboard shortcuts to navigate the issues list, expand and collapse issues, and edit issues inline. For example, press the Right Arrow key to expand the issue summary and show more details, or press F2 to open an issue for editing. Extensive support for shortcuts allows you to comfortably work with issues without keeping your hands off the keyboard.

See default keymap

Use commands to change issues

To speed up your issue modification process, YouTrack introduces an enormous time-saver called the Command window. Modify the attributes of an issue or a set of issues using a set of natural-language-like commands similar to search queries. For example, you can:

  • Assign issues to a user
  • Change type, priority or any other issue field
  • Add tags, work items or link issues
  • Star an issue for any user, or vote for an issue

Apply Commands

Select issues from the list and type a command to apply to all of them. The Command window helps you with command completion lists and highlighting. In addition, YouTrack explains all commands that you enter. For example, enter the following command: critical for Carry.Parker in progress tag fix asap

With this command, all selected issues are elevated to Critical priority, assigned to Carry Parker, set to In progress and associated with the tag fix asap.

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Organizations for multi-project companies


Issues in YouTrack belong to projects. Add a new layer of structure to your project management by grouping related projects under an umbrella organization. Organizations can align with your team structure, correspond to parts of your business process, or be customized to fit your way of working. With Organizations, you’ll find it easy to find and manage projects for complex teams. Granting roles in an organization effectively applies those roles to all the projects belonging to it. This also makes it possible for users from various organizations in the same instance to be separated from each other completely.