Task Management

Track and manage tasks with confidence

YouTrack is an enterprise-level project and task management tool designed to handle vast numbers of issues and attachments with ease. All of its advanced features are built around a highly robust and proven issue management engine.

The core task management features in YouTrack provide all the functionality necessary for all kinds of teams, from software development and devops to HR and marketing, to comfortably track and collaborate on projects of any size.

Task creation and editing

Task creation and editing

YouTrack’s advanced editor makes it easy to create rich and meaningful issue descriptions. Inline images and tables, issue linking, automated duplicate issue detection, and many other features help you define tasks clearly and efficiently. The editor automatically saves drafts as you type, so no great ideas will ever be lost again.

Custom fields with configurable input validation enable every team to ensure that tasks in their projects contain all the information they need.

Browsing and managing tasks

Shareable saved filters with intuitive full-text and advanced query language search ensure that the tasks you need to track are always clearly visible to you and your team. Many fields can be edited in-place in issue lists to save you time and effort, and quick previews help reduce context switching. Sorting and grouping by multiple fields makes it easy to manage large lists of tasks.

Advanced features

YouTrack includes many features designed specifically for software development and other technical teams, such as Time Tracking, VCS integration, and power-user features like bulk editing and extensive support for keyboard shortcuts and commands.

Granular permissions allow you to configure the visibility of individual fields for different users and teams. This makes it easy to protect confidential information or increase efficiency by removing unnecessary distractions. With these settings, the same task can be displayed differently to members of various teams working with it.

Interface options for optimal productivity

Exporting and printing

YouTrack provides a wide range of options that allow users to adjust its look and feel for optimal productivity. Users can also switch between two fundamentally different interfaces – Lite and Classic – each of which caters to a different way of working with tasks. You can switch between them at any time in just two clicks.

YouTrack Classic

YouTrack Classic

YouTrack Classic is the original “power-user” interface. It provides all of the advanced YouTrack features used in software development and other technical processes. It offers a highly configurable tree view for displaying the hierarchical relationships between issues, and allows you to quickly adjust the detail level to increase or decrease the number of fields displayed.

The full issue view shows VCS changes and code reviews linked to the issue. Extensive keyboard navigation and bulk editing commands provide an immersive user experience and help you stay focused and productive.

YouTrack Lite

YouTrack Lite

YouTrack Lite is a streamlined, concise interface that removes many of the advanced controls used exclusively in technical workflows and optimizes the user experience for navigating and managing tasks.

Recently viewed issues and knowledge base articles are quickly accessible via a tabbed display, while drafts and saved searches are always just one click away in the sidebar.

Tasks are listed in a flexible, sortable table that lets you decide exactly how much detail you need to see. Many fields can be edited directly in the table, which greatly increases productivity and eliminates context switching when updating multiple tasks. You can also open issues for viewing and editing in a quick-view pane without leaving the context of the task list table.