Bug & Issue Tracking

Smart Issue Search

Search Queries

In YouTrack, you search for issues with a single search box, using simple query syntax that is very similar to natural language.

You can search for issues by their attributes and keywords, and/or with full-text search. No combo boxes, drop-down lists or whatever else usually bloats your screen space when you're trying to filter out existing issues.

For example, this is how you search for all critical issues reported by your favorite customer and assigned to you:
for: me by: FavoriteCustomer #critical

Query Completion & Highlighting

To make your search experience even more comfortable, YouTrack provides query completion in the search box to help you choose appropriate keywords and values. Query completion is invoked automatically while you type, or just by pressing Ctrl+Space.

While you're entering a query, YouTrack highlights keywords and values, and uses red dotted underline to highlight errors.

Query Completion

Saved Searches

You can save a search query for future use. You'll definitely appreciate this feature when you end up filtering issues with a query like this:
in: {ReSharper Support}, dotTrace state: Open by:andrew.serebryansky for: oleg.stepanov priority: Critical,Show-stopper sort by: votes, updated asc

You can share saved searches — that is, you can allow a group to view your saved search and/or change its name.

In addition, you can type saved search in the search box, and choose a saved search using query completion.

Saved Searches


Not familiar with search queries yet? Use filters! After executing a search query, YouTrack displays the Filters box where it shows different attributes and values that these attributes have within the set of found issues. When you select several filters, YouTrack calculates how many issues you would get with this combination.


Tags allow you to group issues the way you like, irrelevant of their attributes. For example, you can create a tag fix it today and associate it with issues from different projects, subsystems etc.


Also, tags can be used in your search queries helping you filter all the tagged issues.

Any user-defined tag can be set to untag on resolve, that is, as soon as you fix a tagged issue, the association automatically ends. In addition, assign different colors to mark tags, and share tags — that is, choose whether to allow other users to view, update and add new issues to your tags.

OpenSearch Support

OpenSearch Support

Type your search query right in the address bar (in Google Chrome) or in the search bar (in other browsers) and navigate straight to your search results! This feature is available in all browsers which support the OpenSearch technology: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Instant Issue Reporting

Report With a Single Shortcut

To create a new issue, press Alt+Ins anywhere within YouTrack, or click New Issue.

Instant Issue Reporting

Set issue attributes; add links to other issues; add other users to the list of watchers; mark issues with tags and attach screenshots. You can also use wiki markup for special text formatting and strengthen the permission to your issue by making it visible to specific user group. Then click Submit, or press Ctrl+Enter to submit it.

Make External Reporters Happy

Get more external bug reports by providing your users with an easy-to-use reporting tool. With OpenID integration, YouTrack enables logging in using a Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Blogger.com account for a more convenient reporting process.

Create Issue from E-mail

Integrate YouTrack with your mailbox (IMAP, POP3) and report issues right from your e-mail client. You can configure issue reporter and even set up any command to be applied to a created issue, or add comments by replying to a notification email you received.

'Create Issue' Bookmarklet

You can also add a 'Create Issue' bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser and post new issues without even opening YouTrack, using the compact New Issue form.


Report Issue via rest API

YouTrack provides powerful RESTful API that allows you perform various actions programmatically, including automated issue submission from third-party applications.

Screenshot Applet

YouTrack introduces a built-in screenshot applet to capture and modify any area of your screen. Select Attach Screenshot, capture any display area, modify the captured screenshot with the applet's toolbar, and click the Attach button or Ctrl+Enter when you're done.

Wiki Markup

You can use special wiki markup in issue description, including links to other issues or external resources, code blocks, tables, headers and text formatting.

A link to the wiki reference page is available from the Issue Area. See the sandbox at our own YouTrack instance.

Prettify Inserted Code

Make the code inserted into issue descriptions or comments readable — by highlighting it. We used standard google-code-prettify library, which by default supports C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby and SH. Including additional parameters enables highlighting for more languages: apollo, css, sql, and more.

Managing Issues

Speed up Issue Modification

YouTrack provides multiple ways to modify issues. You can modify issues right from the list or from the full issue view.

Issue Modification

But to speed up your issue modification process, YouTrack introduces a Command window, which is an enormous time-saver. Command window lets you modify attributes of an issue or a set of issues using a set of natural-language-like commands similar to search queries. For example, you can:

  • Assign issues to a user.
  • Change type, priority or any other attribute of issues.
  • Associate issues with tags.
  • Set dependencies between issues.
Applying Commands

Select issues from the list and type a command to apply to all of them. The Command window helps you with command completion lists and highlighting. In addition, YouTrack explains all commands that you enter.

For example, enter the following command:
project YouTrack critical for me in progress tag fix it today

Command Window

As a result, all selected issues are transferred to project YouTrack, elevated to Critical priority, assigned to you, set to In progress and associated with the tag fix it today. Read more »

Keyboard-Driven Navigation

YouTrack provides multiple handy keyboard shortcuts for navigating the issues list, expanding and collapsing issues, as well as inline issue editing.

For example, pressing Right expands issue summary to show more details, and F2 opens an issue in edit mode.

Full attachment preview is available on mouse over the attachment clip.

If you like to dive into details, use the Full Issue View that shows all voters, watchers, and comments; history of changes; any linked issues, tags, and TeamCity builds associated with the issue. Shorcuts Map

E-mail/Messenger Notifications
E-mail/Messenger Notifications

You can receive notifications on various issue events using your e-mail and/or IM account.

For example, you can subscribe to or unsubscribe from notifications on issue updates, resolution, votes, or comments. You can also set up notifications on updates to issues marked with a certain tag or included in a saved search.

YouTrack merges closely related modifications into one e-mail and supports threading.

Linking Issues

You can link issues using various dependency types, including "relates to", "depends on", "duplicates", etc. Any given issue can be linked to multiple other issues in one go.

Duplicates Management

Aggregate data for duplicates, including filtering linked issues with comments and attachments, transfer votes and merge voters and watchers.

Commenting Issues

You can comment issues in several ways — from the list of issues or from full issue view. YouTrack saves the draft of the comment, so you can refresh any time without losing your data. Another valuable option is to comment multiple issues using the Command window: select issues, press Ctrl+Alt+J, type your comment in the Comment text box, and press Ctrl+Enter.

Adding Watchers

Sometimes it's crucial to notify another user of an issue that was created or updated. With YouTrack, you can add any user to the list of issue watchers. Added users will receive notifications about all changes to the issue.

Adding Watchers

Voting for Issues

Do you want to collect your users votes for specific features to decide which one should be implemented faster? Let them Vote for it or take the vote back in the list of issues or full issue view.

Watching Issues

Clicking the Star issue button settings adds you to the issue watchers list and subscribes you to updates of this issue. Issues become watched automatically when you comment, or vote for them. Use the Star tag to review issues that you're watching.

Mobile UI

Following YouTrack notifications from mobile device? Full Issue View is optimized specifically for mobile platforms, letting you comfortably read, comment, add tags, view attachments, and update issue attributes from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile handheld.