You plan your way with YouTrack

YouTrack provides a flexible environment where teams and individuals can all follow their own approaches to project planning without becoming siloed from one another or isolated from the bigger picture.

Different stages of the project lifecycle call for different approaches to planning, and YouTrack has features to help with everything from brainstorming initial concepts to final delivery of heavily interdependent tasks.

Knowledge Base for requirements and roadmapping

Knowledge Base for requirements and roadmapping

YouTrack’s built-in Knowledge Base is an ideal canvas for gathering and refining requirements, brainstorming, outlining tasks, and creating long-term roadmaps.

Create rich and engaging articles with embedded content including videos, Figma designs, Google documents and calendars, YouTrack issue lists, and more.

Visualize task dependencies with Gantt charts

Visualize task dependencies with Gantt charts

YouTrack’s Gantt chart helps predict milestone and project completion dates based on start dates, cross-project task dependencies, and time estimations. This allows you to make informed decisions about scope and resource allocation to ensure that critical features are delivered on time.

Plan and manage task execution with Agile boards

YouTrack’s Agile boards come with specific support for Scrum and Kanban, and are flexible enough to be used with any mixed methodology for planning, tracking, and reporting purposes.

Plan what to do next with drag-and-drop prioritization in saved backlogs, use swimlanes to group related tasks, and track progress with YouTrack’s powerful reports.