Miscellaneous features

Execution plan

An execution plan for statements visually represents the operations the database performs in order to return the data required by your query. and helps you optimize the query. Choose to view the plan graphically or in a table format.


With DataGrip you can always see your tables and their relationships on an insightful diagram, available by pressing Ctrl+Alt+U or from the context menu of the objects you want to visualize. The column with primary and foreign keys can be hidden from the diagram and be shown only on relation lines. These diagrams may be exported to image files as necessary.

User Parameters

When you get an SQL query from another application, it can be parameterized. DataGrip supports running this kind of queries.

The UI for editing parameter patterns is available in Settings/Preferences → Database → User Parameters. Regular expressions are highlighted and you can choose in what dialect these patterns are valid.

Version control

DataGrip provides unified support for all major version control systems (Git, SVN, Mercurial, and many others), so you can easily work on different projects from different VCS and switch between them at will.