China moves ahead of Germany into second place in number of total active customers.

6M Developers use and trust our tools

12k Developers completed our Developer Ecosystem Survey in 2018.

198 Number of countries and territories where subscriptions were sold

95 Fortune 100 companies are our customers

Customer Highlights

Our sales offices and reseller network support an ever-growing number of customers.

1,481,929 +40%

total active customers in 2018

404,997 +47%

active paying customers in 2018


Fortune 100 companies use our tools. So do 418 Fortune 500 companies

JetBrains toolbox downloads graph
JetBrains toolbox downloads graph


JetBrains continues to expand regional sales and marketing teams to better support local customers and developer communities from the ground.


At JetBrains we strongly believe in research, and this manifests itself not only in scientific research but also market research.

Scientific Research Areas

Fundamental bio research on aging and cells differentiation - Studying age-related changes and their mechanisms in a cell could, in theory, open an opportunity to prolong significantly an active and healthy stage of human life.

BioLabs Knowledge Base in Math - Developing new approaches and software tools to make advanced mathematical studies more efficient and assist researchers by automatically checking formal proofs.
HoTT and Dependent Types Group

Neural tissue activity modeling – Gaining new insights and solutions in the neural modeling field by applying biological principles to describe both network structure and learning strategies on the cellular level.
Neurophysiology and Neural Network Modeling Group

Robotics - Designing and programming robots to assist humans in the real-world environment.
Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory

Programming Languages – Supporting fundamental research into programming languages and means of software development.
Programming Languages and Tools Lab / Program Analysis and Verification Lab

Marketing Research Reports

Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018

To identify what is driving the world of code in 2018 and how these trends compare with 2017, we’ve collected and analyzed the opinions of developers from 17 countries.

Dig into the report for the full story.

77% of developers listen to music when coding.

31% of developers code at home the most

The favorite genres are Electronic, Pop, Rock and Classical.

  • Developers, System Analysts, Product Managers, Team leads, QA engineers, Data Analysts, Instructors / Teachers / Tutors, and DevOps engineers all tend to prefer Electronic music when coding.
  • DBAs, UX / UI designers, and Architects mostly prefer Rock.
  • CIOs / CTOs / CEOs, Technical Support, and Business Analysts prefer Classical music.

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