2,085 new individuals become JetBrains customers every day!

91% Growth in the purchase of the All Products Pack

1 in 4 Companies go multi-product within 100 days

1M GoLand became the fastest growing JetBrains product from launch to reach $1M (USD) in sales taking only 83 days

4,810 hours The amount of time TeamCity saves JetBrains every day thanks to the build queue optimization features


JetBrains All Products Pack experienced a whopping 91% growth in purchases during 2018!

115 +5%

new organizations become JetBrains customers every day

2,085 +32%

new individuals become JetBrains customers (free+paying+students) every day (63,419 every month)


of all customers purchased the All Products Pack representing a 5% increase.

  • Annual
  • Monthly



Nearly 29,000 developers took advantage of JetBrains’ Friendship Day Sale!

Product Highlights

JetBrains’ toolkit includes 19 individual tools & IDEs, 4 tools for teams, 4 educational products, and Kotlin.

New Products:

Featured Update:


Try JetBrains Datalore for Data Analysis!
Datalore, an intelligent web application from JetBrains for data analysis in Python, reaches its public release. Explore datasets, build powerful predictive models, create rich visualizations and invite colleagues to get better insights.

Ring UI

Ring UI 1.0 introduces a new visual language, customization and theming support, new components, and other improvements.

Kotlin 1.3 Released

Coroutines, Kotlin/Native, and Multiplatform Projects

New Per-Usage Pricing Model for YouTrack Cloud Launches

The new per-usage pricing model for YouTrack Cloud has launched. As we've announced before, this model lets you pay exactly for the number of users or the amount of disk space that you need. The first three users are always free, so you start paying from the fourth user onward.

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JetBrains Marketplace

A new platform for third-party plugin vendors

Marketplace is the next generation of the plugin repository, turning it into a marketplace for third-party plugin developers to sell their plugins while taking advantage of licensing and billing solutions provided by JetBrains.

More than 100 vendors are participating in the EAP.

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  • 0.9M
  • 4M
  • 14M
  • 16M
  • 23M
  • 39M
  • 51M
  • 0.2M
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 5M
  • 7M
  • 10M
  • 14M

Total plugin repository traffic: 1200 TB
(vs 650 TB in 2017)

3,246 plugins total


254 packages


360 plugins


Hub widgets introduced (15 widgets available now for Hub, YouTrack & Upsource)

It’s been great going, thanks to you!