Community Support Team

The Community Support team helps user group leaders, developers of open source projects, teachers, students, event organizers, and technology experts by providing them with free access to JetBrains tools to make their experience as developers and as community leaders better.

At JetBrains, we are committed to giving back to community leaders and educators as a way of saying thank you for their hard work. It is not always easy to teach or study, to form and foster local communities. We provide free access to JetBrains tools to all these people, in the hopes that our software will help them to find inspiration in programming and stay motivated to continue doing their amazing work for the community.

What we love most
about our work

Anna Popova

“We are lucky because we get to work with so many passionate and motivated people from the community. Every day I feel inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of the developers who start new open source projects, organize coding clubs for students, or bring their local community together for a tech meetup.”

Anna Popova, Community Support Manager

Marina Sergienko

“As a Community Support Manager, I am happy to be able to bring great coding experiences to new audiences, both offline and online. These diverse local communities influence and advance the tech industry worldwide, and it feels great to be a part of this process.”

Marina Sergienko, Community Support Manager

Maria Mikheyshina

“The Community Support programs at JetBrains are not set in stone – we constantly work on improving and redefining them to make the experience of our users better. This autonomy to experiment and try out new things makes me really passionate about my work."

Maria Mikheyshina, Team Lead

Nadya Davydova

“What I like most about my job is meeting new people from different cultures and answering questions that are not listed on the FAQ. Community support is not always easy, but it’s a blast when at the end of a busy day you read “JetBrains, you rock!”

Nadya Davydova, Community Support Manager