Datalore 2024.3 Help

Azure SQL

This procedure explains how to configure an Azure SQL database connection. It is assumed that you are working on the General tab of the New Azure SQL connection dialog and need to provide connection details relevant for this particular database type.

Configure an Azure SQL database connection

  1. Open the New Azure SQL connection dialog. Select the tab for one of the two options:

    • From the editor, to attach the new database to a specific notebook

    • From the Home page, to add a database connection to a workspace

    • Go to Main menu | Tools | Attached data or click the Attached data icon on the left-hand sidebar.

    • Click New connection and select New database connection.

    • In the New database connection dialog, select Azure SQL.

    • On the Home page, select the workspace where you want to create the connection.

      Selecting a workspace
    • Select Databases from the menu under the workspace name.

    • Click the Add connection button in the upper right corner. The New database connection dialog will open.

    • In the New database connection dialog, select Azure SQL.

  2. On the General tab, select the connection type.

    • default: to connect by specifying the Host, Port, and Database.

    • URL only: to connect by providing the URL of a pre-built connection.

  3. (For default) In the Port field, type the port of Azure SQL Databse. The default port is 1433.

  4. Under Authentication, select an authentication method:

    • User & Password: to use your login and password

    • No auth: to connect without authentication required

  5. In the User and Password fields, specify your credentials if required by the selected authentication method.

  6. Based on the selected connection type:

    • In the Database field, type the name of the database to which you want to connect.

    • In the URL field, provide the URL of the pre-built connection you want to establish.

  7. Click the Test connection button at the bottom of the dialog.

  8. Once the connection is successfully tested, click the Save and close button.


  • If created for a specific notebook, the new connection will be automatically added to the workspace. You can later attach this database to any other notebook from this workspace.

  • If created for a workspace, this connection is added to the workspace databases and can be attached to any notebook from this workspace.

Last modified: 16 July 2024