Kotlin Multiplatform Development stable Help

What's new with KMP in Fleet 1.31

Here are the highlights of changes related to Kotlin Multiplatform support in JetBrains Fleet 1.31:

Support for Compose Multiplatform @Preview annotation

JetBrains Fleet now allows you to build previews for composable functions annotated with @Preview. Currently, Fleet does not rebuild previews automatically, so click the icon again to see the updated version:

Compose Preview tool window in JetBrains Fleet

For more about the feature, see Getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform in the Fleet documentation.

Support for Compose Multiplatform resources API

The latest version of the images and resources access API, revamped in Compose Multiplatform 1.6.0, is supported in Fleet.

Starting with this version, JetBrains Fleet:

  • Autocompletes resources calls

  • Allows navigation to resources referenced in code

  • Clearly reports generation errors and their possible source

  • Monitors file system changes to regenerate the accessor class promptly

Logcat support

JetBrains Fleet now allows you to see device logs for Android run configurations. In the run configuration output, click the line "Connected to process ... on device ...". This will open the Logcat tool window.

In the Logcat tab, you can see continuous device logs, filter text, and set the minimum log level:

Logcat tool window in JetBrains Fleet

Various improvements in Swift support

A number of small improvements in formatting, highlighting, and completion for Swift 5.9 features.

Last modified: 20 May 2024