AppCode 2023.1 Help


Creating projects, targets, and files

For creating projects, targets, and files, AppCode uses the set of templates bundled in the Xcode distribution selected in AppCode preferences.

For files, AppCode provides a set of its own templates available via File | New Alt+Insert and the full list of built-in Xcode templates.

To create new files using Xcode templates, right-click a file or folder in the Project tool window and select File from Xcode template.

Create a file from Xcode

Opening Xcode projects

AppCode does not use its own project model. Instead, it parses Xcode project and workspace files and carefully modifies them, so you can always be sure that any changes you make in AppCode will automatically appear in Xcode, and vice versa.

Project settings

AppCode has a simple UI for editing Xcode project settings available via File | Project Settings Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. We plan to improve it in the future, but for now its functionality is limited. We recommend using the Xcode interface for complex setup.

Last modified: 24 November 2022