AppCode 2023.1 Help

Migration from Xcode

This guide contains the information that can help you start working in AppCode taking into account your prior Xcode experience. Here you can learn key differences between the two IDEs, get an overview of main AppCode features, explore AppCode preferences and user interface, and more.

The guide contains the following sections:

Before you start

To use AppCode, you need to install the supported Xcode version and launch it at least once. When you first start AppCode, the Xcode installation will be automatically identified and set in Preferences | Tools | Xcode.

AppCode needs an Xcode installation because:

  • All the SDKs and simulators used for development are bundled in Xcode and are not available separately.

  • AppCode uses the Xcode build system and the LLDB version bundled in Xcode to run, debug, build, test, and sign your applications.

  • AppCode currently uses the SourceKit bundled in Xcode to show warnings and errors in the editor for Swift code.

Last modified: 22 November 2022