AppCode 2019.1 Help

Supported languages

Development of a modern application involves using multiple languages, that is why AppCode is an IDE for polyglot programming.

Coding assistance in AppCode includes:

  • Syntax and error highlighting to maintain green code

  • File templates to create stub classes, scripts, and so on

  • Live templates to expand abbreviations into complicated code constructs

  • Code completion to complete names of classes, methods, fields, parameters, and other entities depending on the context

  • Code generation to generate language-specific code constructs

  • Intention actions and quick fixes to optimize your code

  • Code refactorings to rename, move, copy, and delete entities across the whole codebase

  • Import assistance to import missing libraries

  • Language injections for working with supported languages inside string literals, tags, or attributes

  • Code reference information for viewing API documentation, parameter names and hints in methods, static expression data, and so on

  • Code folding to hide blocks of code that are not relevant to your current task

  • Code formatting to format and arrange code according to your coding style

Besides coding assistance, AppCode also supports language-specific tools for building, running, testing, and deploying applications.

Last modified: 18 April 2019