dotTrace 2021.2 Help

Keyboard Shortcuts


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+OOpen the Open dialog so that you can select and open one of existing snapshots
Ctrl+SSave current snapshot


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+TOpen selected node in a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+TOpen selected node in a new tab; if there are several occurrences of a function in the current tab, they are merged
Ctrl+Alt+TOpen all public members of the current class
Ctrl+F4Close active tab


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+Alt+CSwitch to the Call Tree view
Ctrl+Alt+PSwitch to the Plain List view
Ctrl+Alt+HSwitch to the Hot Spots view
Ctrl+Alt+BSwitch to the Back Traces view
Alt+F2Display the Source View view


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+CCopy function signature to the clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy subtree to the clipboard


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+TabGo to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+TabGo to previous tab
Ctrl+RightGo to next unfiltered function call ("next my code call")
Ctrl+LeftGo to previous unfiltered function call ("previous my code call")
Ctrl+Shift+RightGo to next important call
Ctrl+Shift+LeftGo to previous important call
Ctrl+DownGo to next sibling
Ctrl+UpGo to previous sibling
Ctrl+HomeGo to subtree root


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+FDisplay the search field so that you can find a type or a function
F3Start search for the selected function or go to next function occurrence
Shift+F3Go to previous function occurrence
Ctrl+Shift+F3Go to next non-recursive function occurrence
EscRemove highlighting and navigation bar


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+SpaceToggle subtree folding
DelOptimize the current function occurrence
Shift+DelOptimize all instances of a function
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+DelRestore original values
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceCollapse or expand callees (available in Plain List)


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+QDisplay the Properties dialog that contains information about the selected function


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+KSet a new bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+NNavigate to next bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+PNavigate to previous bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+WOpen the Bookmarks dialog


Key or Key CombinationDescription
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LShow log
Last modified: 08 March 2021