PyCharm 2022.3 Help

PyCharm License Activation Dialog

To open this dialog, do one of the following:

  • On the Welcome screen, click Configure | Manage License

  • From the main menu, select Help | Register

You can evaluate PyCharm Ultimate for 30 days. After that period, you need to buy PyCharm and activate your license.

The upper part of the dialog reflects your PyCharm usage status (for example Free evaluation) and, if appropriate, provides related controls (for example Buy PyCharm).

The license activation options are in the lower part of the dialog under Activate new license via.



Buy PyCharm

Click this button to go to the JetBrains Web site to study the PyCharm purchasing options and to buy a license.

Evaluate for free for 30 days

Click this button to start evaluating PyCharm.

License activation options

Register using the JetBrains Account.

Activate PyCharm license with a JB Account

PyCharm will automatically show the list of your licenses and their details like expiration date and identifier. Click Activate to start using your license.

If your license is not shown on the list, click Refresh license list.

Register using an activation code.

Activate PyCharm license with an activation code

You can get an activation code when you purchase a license for the corresponding product.

Register using the Floating License Server.

Activate PyCharm license with a license server

When performing silent installation or managing PyCharm installations on multiple machines, you can set the JETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER environment variable to point the installation to the Floating License Server URL.

Alternatively, you can set the Floating License Server URL by adding the -DJETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER JVM option.

If you encounter any issue when registering PyCharm, contact PyCharm support.

Last modified: 27 August 2021