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ReSharper enables you to find your way through the source code using the declarations, members, method calls, errors etc. Navigation commands are available in ReSharper | Navigate and ReSharper | Find menus, as well as on the context menu of the editor. Besides the common context menu, ReSharper provides a special-purpose Navigate To context menu that shows all navigation options available from the current caret position.

In addition to the menu commands, ReSharper provides other means of navigation:

  • You can use the gutter icons to navigate to implementing, overriding or hiding methods.
  • The File Structure window helps navigate to declarations.
  • Use the Recent Files view to switch to a recently opened file. 
  • A set of to-do items helps you organize your work in a convenient manner and easily retrieve positions in the source code that require your attention.  
  • Use Stack Trace Explorer to navigate from a stack trace to the error location in the source code, and thus pinpoint the malfunction.


For guidelines on navigating between coding errors, warnings and suggestions that ReSharper shows as a result of code analysis , see Navigating Between Code Highlights .

This section contains the following procedures:

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