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Team Lead Tasks: Monitor and Approve Absences

As a Team Lead you keep track of your team members current and upcoming absences.

When your team member wants to go on vacation, business trip, etc. and adds an absence to the calendar, you'll get a notification in the Chats.

Approve vacation and other absences

If the absence requires approval, you'll also receive an approval request that you are expected to process without much delay.

The default chat feed for receiving absence notifications and requests is Spacebox, unless you have set up a different channel to receive such messages.

  1. Navigate to messenger.png Chats and open your Spacebox feed (or whatever dedicated feed you have set up)

    Pending absence requests will be listed here:

  2. Click Approve — the requesting member will be automatically notified of your decision and a respective note will be added to the absence entry (only visible to you, the member, and authorized employees).

    If you have any reasons not to approve the absence, please contact the member and discuss other options (e.g. rescheduling, cancelling).

View absences of your team members

  • To view your team members current and planned absences, navigate to your team page and choose the Calendar tab. Members' absences can be also found in their profiles along with the absence history.

  • The Team Lead can see the reason for the absence (vacation, sick leave, etc.), which is hidden from other team members by default.

Last modified: 15 December 2023