TeamCity Pipelines Help

Step Settings

Steps are elemental building blocks of a TeamCity Pipeline. Each step encapsulates one or multiple simple operations to be performed (for instance, downloading required packages and/or building a project in the "Debug" configuration). TeamCity offers various Step types designed for specific project platforms. To choose a required Step type, use the corresponding selector in the Job Settings pane.

Step types

Currently, TeamCity ships with the following Step types:

Common Step Settings

The following settings are available for all types of Steps.

Run in Docker

This setting allows you to run Steps inside Docker containers. Do so if you need a custom software that is not installed on JetBrains-hosted TeamCity agents

See the following help article for the example: Create a Single-Job Pipeline.

Working Directory

Specify a subdirectory of a project to limit this Step to this subdirectory.

See this tutorial for an example: Create a Multi-Job Pipeline.

Last modified: 10 March 2023