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Agile Boards

Agile boards in YouTrack are designed to help teams follow a wide range of agile project management processes.

  • Teams that use a Scrum methodology can plan, visualize, and manage their work during a series of consecutive sprints.

  • Teams that follow a Kanban process can monitor and measure their flow of work on the board.

  • Teams that take a hybrid approach can mix and match settings to support their custom process.

That said, not all agile boards are agile. You can create and configure a board that simply gives you an alternative view of your issues. The visual presentation on an agile board helps you manage issues more efficiently, no matter what process you use.

Here's an overview of the key topics in this section.



Get Started with Agile Boards

Familiarize yourself with this feature and it's functionality.

Create an Agile Board

Get step-by-step instructions for building your first agile board.

Configure an Agile Board

Learn how to customize the configuration of any board.

Agile Board Tips and Tricks

Get more mileage out of your agile boards with these helpful hints.

If you follow Scrum or a hybrid agile methodology that incorporates elements from Scrum, check out these topics.



Scrum Boards

Teach yourself how to set up a project and build a board that support your Scrum process.

Work with Sprints

Find out how to create and manage a sprint for each iteration of development.

Work with a Backlog

Use YouTrack to groom and prioritize your development backlog.

Burndown Chart

Measure your progress during each sprint directly on the agile board.

If you follow a Kanban methodology or any variant thereof, these topics may be of interest to you.



Kanban Boards

Set up a project and build a board that support a Kanban process.

Cumulative Flow

Maintain a steady stream of output by tracking how efficiently issues move through your working process.

For an introduction to agile boards in YouTrack, watch this video:

Last modified: 11 June 2024