CLion 2020.1 Help


General debugging procedure

  1. Configure the debugger settings.

  2. For a CMake project, select the desired CMake profile.

  3. If necessary, create or modify an existing run/debug configuration.

  4. Place breakpoints in your code.

  5. Click the Debug <configuration_name> button Debug or use other options to start a debug session.

After you've started a debug session, the Debug icon that marks the Debug tool window toggles to the Active Debugger icon to indicate that the debug process is active.

Useful debugger shortcuts



Toggle breakpointCtrl+F8
Resume program F9
Step over F8
Step into F7


View breakpoint details/all breakpointsCtrl+Shift+F8

Debug code at caret

Shift+F9 (within the main method), or Shift+Alt+F9

Last modified: 26 May 2020