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Manage cloud storage connections in a workspace


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Cloud storage connections as workspace resources

This article explains how to manage cloud storage connections added to your workspaces. Such connections can be attached to any notebook residing in the respective notebook.

Access cloud storage connections in a workspace

  1. On the Home page, select the workspace to which you want to add a database connection.

  2. From the left-hand menu of the selected workspace, select Other and switch to the Cloud storages tab. This will open the list of all workspace database connections.

Cloud storages list

Manage cloud storage data sources as workspace resources

  • To edit the details of a cloud storage connection:

    1. Click the ellipsis and select Edit cloud storage from the popup menu. This will open the Edit cloud storage connection dialog.

    2. In the Edit cloud storage connection dialog, edit the connection details. Find database-specific information in the respective article (Amazon S3 | Google Cloud storage | SMB/CIFS )/>.

  • To rename a data source, right-click the list item, select Rename from the menu, and provide a new name.

  • To clone a data source to other workspaces:

    1. Right-click the item.

    2. Select Clone to other workspaces.

    3. In the Clone [data_source_name] to other workspaces dialog, expand the Workspaces dropdown list.

    4. Select the workspaces where you want to clone the data source and click anywhere outside the dropdown.

      Clone dialog
    5. Click the Clone button. This will close the dialog, followed by a success notification.

  • To delete a data source, right-click the respective list item and select Delete from the menu.

Last modified: 27 May 2024