License Vault Help


License Vault is a JetBrains cloud tool for license management. It efficiently distributes licenses and provides your team with the flexibility to scale as you grow.

Here's an overview of its key features.

Quick setup and effortless license distribution

License Vault requires very little time to set up and start distributing licenses. It also provides built-in tools to track license usage.

The cloud solution

License Vault Cloud is hosted by JetBrains. You can access it on any device with a network connection via any web browser.

Automatic license distribution

License Vault automatically assigns licenses to users. All a user needs to do is launch their product, provide the License Vault URL, and log in.

Licenses that are no longer in use are automatically released within a certain period. The length of this period depends on your usage plan.

Secure access with single sign-on

Every user needs to sign in before they can obtain a license from License Vault.

Signing in with JetBrains Account works out of the box. You can use this option or set up a different authentication module accepted in your company. Here's the full list of supported modules.

Access rules

With access rules, you can restrict or provide access to licenses for certain users or groups. You can also prioritize users who need to be able to obtain a license, even when none are available.

Real-time statistics

Built-in usage statistics and reports can help you analyze and optimize license usage in your organization.

Seamless scaling and usage optimization

Our scaling options help your team work without interruptions while optimizing license usage and making billing easier.

Floating mode: Share licenses between users

Floating mode helps maximize license utilization by quickly transferring licenses between users. With this feature, when a team member stops using their IDE, their license becomes available for someone else in 20 minutes.

This feature is available with the Enterprise Floating plan and included with your free two-month trial.

Per-user licensing

When a user runs their product on two different machines simultaneously, only one license is required.

The way each additional machine is handled depends on your usage plan and settings. With the Enterprise Floating plan, you can customize this behavior.

True-Up: Use additional licenses and pay later

At peak usage times, License Vault automatically provides additional licenses so your team can work without interruptions.

You can pay for them at the end of the billing period or use the True-Forward option to cover the payment by purchasing regular subscriptions.

Start using License Vault

Refer to Getting started for a step-by-step instruction.

Contact JetBrains support team if you have any questions.

Last modified: 02 February 2024