JetBrains Rider 2021.1 Help

Build, Debug, Test, Deploy

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You can use the following shortcuts for building, running, and debugging programs:

Build, Run, Debug

NuGet Quick List Alt+Shift+N
Build Solution Ctrl+F9
Build Current Project Ctrl+Shift+F7
Cancel Build Ctrl+F9
Run context configuration Ctrl+Shift+F10
Run... Alt+Shift+F10
Debug context configuration Shift+F9
Debug... Alt+Shift+F9
Attach to Process... Ctrl+Alt+F5
Stop Ctrl+F2
Pause Ctrl+Alt+Break
Resume Program F9
Stop Background Processes... Ctrl+Shift+F2
Step Over F8
Force Step Over Alt+Shift+F8
Step Into F7
Smart Step Into Shift+F7
Force Step Into Alt+Shift+F7
Step Out Shift+F8
Run To Cursor Alt+F9
Force Run To Cursor Ctrl+Alt+F9
Skip to Cursor Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9
Show Execution Point Alt+F10
Evaluate Expression... Alt+F8
Quick Evaluate Expression Ctrl+Alt+F8
Toggle Line Breakpoint Ctrl+F8
Toggle Temporary Line Breakpoint Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8
Toggle Breakpoint Enabled Ctrl+F9
View Breakpoints... Ctrl+Shift+F8
Edit Breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+F8
Show Build window Alt+0
Show Run window Alt+4
Show Debug window Alt+5
Show NuGet window Alt+Shift+7

... and the following shortcuts for unit testing commands:

Unit Testing

For the full list of JetBrains Rider keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts in predefined keymaps.

Last modified: 08 March 2021