JetBrains Rider 2020.3 Help

Create and Edit Code

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You can use the following shortcuts for basic editing tasks:

Move Caret to Previous WordCtrl+Left
Move Caret to Next WordCtrl+Right
Move Caret to Line StartHome
Move Caret to Line EndEnd
Containing DeclarationAlt+Shift+[
Move Caret to Matching BraceCtrl+Shift+M
Move Caret to Code Block StartCtrl+[
Move Caret to Code Block EndCtrl+]
Next MethodAlt+Down
Previous MethodAlt+Up
Move Caret to Page TopCtrl+Page Up
Move Caret to Page BottomCtrl+Page Down
Page UpPage Up
Page DownPage Down
Move Caret to Text StartCtrl+Home
Move Caret to Text EndCtrl+End
Select AllCtrl+A
Left with SelectionShift+Left
Right with SelectionShift+Right
Move Caret to Previous Word with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Left
Move Caret to Next Word with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Right
Move Caret to Line Start with SelectionShift+Home
Move Caret to Line End with SelectionShift+End
Up with SelectionShift+Up
Down with SelectionShift+Down
Select Containing DeclarationCtrl+Alt+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block Start with SelectionCtrl+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block End with SelectionCtrl+Shift+]
Move Caret to Page Top with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Page Up
Move Caret to Page Bottom with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Page Down
Page Up with SelectionShift+Page Up
Page Down with SelectionShift+Page Down
Move Caret to Text Start with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Home
Move Caret to Text End with SelectionCtrl+Shift+End
Extend SelectionCtrl+W
Shrink SelectionCtrl+Shift+W
Add Selection for Next OccurrenceAlt+J
Paste without FormattingCtrl+Alt+Shift+V
Paste from History...Ctrl+Shift+V
Duplicate Line or SelectionCtrl+D
Copy PathsCtrl+Shift+C
Copy ReferenceCtrl+Alt+Shift+C
Save AllCtrl+S
Indent SelectionTab
Unindent Line or SelectionShift+Tab
Start New LineShift+Enter
Start New Line Before CurrentCtrl+Alt+Enter
Delete LineCtrl+Y
Toggle CaseCtrl+Shift+U
New Scratch FileCtrl+Alt+Shift+Insert
Open source in new windowShift+F4

And here are shortcuts for advanced code editing helpers:

Last modified: 04 February 2021