JetBrains Rider 2020.1 Help

Coding Assistance

JetBrains Rider offers a variety of coding assistance features that allow you to write and edit code much faster thus increasing your productivity and saving your time.

In this section:

You can use the following shortcuts for advanced code editing helpers:



Show Action List Alt+Enter
Basic Completion Ctrl+Space
Smart Completion Ctrl+Alt+Space
Second Basic Completion Shift+Alt+Space
Complete Current Statement Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Parameter Info Ctrl+Shift+Space
Quick Documentation Ctrl+Shift+F1
Move Statement Up Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up
Move Statement Down Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down
Move Element Left Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left
Move Element Right Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right
Comment/uncomment with Line Comment Ctrl+Alt+/
Comment/uncomment with Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+/
Generate... Alt+Insert
Code Cleanup... Ctrl+E, C
Silent Code Cleanup Ctrl+E, F
Last modified: 26 May 2020