RubyMine 2017.2 Help



Ruby SDK should be downloaded and installed on your computer.
For the Windows platform, use the Ruby Installer and Development Kit.

Important notes

  • RubyMine supports the following range of Ruby SDK versions:
    • 1.8.x
    • 1.9.x, with the lambda syntax, local variables semantics, new method parameters declarations, etc.
    • 2.0, with named arguments, Ruby 2.0 debugger, %i/%I syntax parsing, prepend support.
    • 2.1 and 2.2.
    • 2.3 with the following features:
      • ActionCable
      • Code completion, resolve and documentation include new additions to version 2.3, for example, Array:dig
      • Safe navigation operator, with the new Ruby intention actions Replace safe navigation with chained calls conjunction and Replace safe navigation with nested nil checks, and Ruby code inspection that suggests replacement of chained && checks to safe navigation operator usage.
      • squiggly HEREDOCS support
  • Language level is detected and derived from SDK.
  • Depending on your platform, you can use IronRuby, MacRuby, Rubinius, MRI Ruby, or JRuby.
  • RubyMine supports cygwin as the Ruby interpreter platform.

Ruby- and Ruby-on-Rails- specific procedures

The following sections contain procedures that pertain to both pure Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails programming.

Last modified: 26 October 2017

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